Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Download Our All-New Catalog Today

We have released our latest catalog and it is now available for pdf download on our website's homepage. This new catalog features a number of new products, old products in additional sizes, and even new rental services.

We will be including this new catalog with all orders, as well as an additional 15% off coupon for new customers.

Our site not only features an option to download the new catalog, it also has a page to request a hard copy catalog, which will be mailed at no cost to you. So if you prefer a paper copy catalog we are more than happy to send one to you at no cost.

To learn more about surface protection products or to request product samples, please reach out to us at or via our website

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

New Press Release Posted - Learn About Our All-New Catalog

Builders Site Protection has released its newest press release, this time featuring details about our all-new catalog.

2020 Catalog
This all-new catalog features a collection of new products and tons of information and new sizing options for existing products. Among new features in the catalog is a section devoted to customizable surface protection options. From floor protection to custom door protectors, there are a half dozen new customizable surface protection options featured.

As always, our entire list of press releases can be found under the "Press Release" tab on our website's home page. We also feature a collection of all published articles under the same tab on our home site.

For catalog requests, please email us at and we will have a complimentary copy mailed to you or your jobsite within a week. To learn more about surface protection products, to request a catalog, or for product samples, email us at or visit our website

Friday, January 24, 2020

Builders Site Protection will be in San Diego next week

Builders Site Protection's President, Pat Mullen, will be in the San Diego area next week to meet with existing customers and to find new ones. She will be working on Thursday the 30th throughout the greater San Diego area.

This is a great opportunity to learn about surface protection products, and how just about any finish on a jobsite can be protected. If your jobsite already has damaged finishes, or if you're interested in product samples and how to protect finishes on your site, take advantage of this opportunity. Pat will have an entire suite of product samples, catalog, sales information, and anything else that you may need on your jobsite. If you have ever had any questions about surface protection now is the opportunity to have them answered.

It's not uncommon that builders introduce us to their problems that require surface protection during our site visits. Products such as Utility Box CoversCurtain Wall Protection, and Protecta-Foam were all developed in this way. A wide number of out products can be used in different or creative ways to protect custom or otherwise new finishes, so please tell us if there are unmet surface protection needs on your jobsite.

If you would like Pat to stop by your jobsite, email us at so we can arrange a site meeting. To learn more about surface protection products visit our website or call us toll-free at 541-633-7793.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Use Toilet Sheath To Impress Customers and Keep Your Bathroom Fixtures Clean!

Our most popular surface protection product for commercial and production residential builders has been the Toilet Sheath. Since its inception in 2007, Toilet Sheath has been the quickest and easiest manner in which to keep toilets clean, damage-free, and most importantly of all - unused.

Toilet Sheath is a printed drawstring bag that securely fastens around the base of a toilet using drawstrings embedded in the plastic. Installation of Toilet Sheath takes only seconds. Keeping toilets covered with plastic protection saves a ton of time by keeping them clean, thus at a projects end removing Toilet Sheath saves tons of time on cleanup.

Featuring color printing stating "for homeowner use only" Toilet Sheath has been extremely well received by custom home builders, who have time and time again relayed to us that their customers are impressed with that attention to cleanliness and detail.

Toilet Sheath is available in packs of 12, boxes of 50, and cases with 150 total. Use Toilet Sheath in conjunction with products such as TubCoat and Floor & Countertop Film for a complete bathroom surface protection system.

To learn more about any other surface protection products, or for products samples and catalog information, email us at or visit our site