Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Holidays!  Here's a pic of Pat and I at the Sunbelt show with a very tall Texan.  Hmm Jen's hand is a little suspect!  We had a great time and the Sunbelt show is always a great time.  Lucky for us that the state of Texas is still staying strong in this economy.  Love to hear from any of you Texans.  Great guys in the state of Texas-we are always getting lost and the guys are so helpful in letting us know directions. 

I know my feet get tired after 8 hours in heels at a show so I can't imagine walking on stilts like this guy! 
Happy Holidays,  -Jen

Friday, December 4, 2009

Go San Diego Chargers!

Builders Site Protection's main office is located in San Diego so guess who we're voting for to win the Superbowl (someday!).  Here's a pic of Pat, Heather and Alex ready to cheer on their favorite team.  We love to talk football with our customers so let us know your team and we can talk smack with you.  As always,  check out our website at for great deals on surface protection to keep your homes tidy during those football parties! -Cathy