Friday, March 27, 2020

IAQ 2000 Disinfectant Approved for Covid-19

Builders Site Protection offers numerous products related to the severe issues and problems arising due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. We are a provider of one product approved for the sanitization of Covid-19: IAQ-2000 solution.

IAQ 2000 provides disinfection and cleaning in order to prevent contamination. It is effective as a virucide (Covid-19) as well as against fungal and bacterial growth. IAQ 200 is available in 1 gallon containers, and runs $39.67 per bottle.

We have access to an entire catalog of Fiberlock products, capable of handling anything from asbestos to Covid-19. Bear in mind that in these times of extreme product demand, products may not eb available immediately, and there may be lead time to fill certain orders. Manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers alike are all facing the same material shortages.

In addition to Fiberlock products, we also carry Edge-Guard systems that are of use in hospital settings. Edge-Guard is a temporary barrier system that can be used to create a negative air workspace. In hospital construction settings, this is used in order to seal off parts of a hospital undergoing new construction or remodel, and since the pandemic outbreak it has been used as a valuable tool to establish Covid-19 testing and treatment centers within hospitals. Edge-Guard can be combined into almost any arrangement using different panels, so it can be fitted to suit any jobsite's needs.

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Monday, March 16, 2020

Operations Update - Coronavirus

Builders Site Protection currently remains open with regular hours at our physical location, 8PM to 4PM, Monday through Friday. Our website will remain live throughout the outbreak 24/7, and for now we will continue to ship product orders out within 24 hours of ordering.

We take this outbreak extremely seriously, and as such have taken actions to mitigate impacts that it may have on those around us. To limit any potential viral exposure and to promote social spacing, only one employee at a time is working at our physical location, while all others will telecommute and work from home on a daily basis. Furthermore, employees are being instructed to wash their hands prior to handling any orders being shipped out to customers.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Builders Site Protection will be in Seattle this Friday

Builders Site Protection's latest outside sales trip will be through Western Washington. Product rep Steven Ley will be meeting customers and visiting jobsites throughout the greater Seattle area this Friday, March 6th.

This is a great opportunity to learn about surface protection products, get pricing, and to receive samples of surface protection. Steven will be visiting existing customers' jobsites in Tacoma in the morning, then will be downtown in the afternoon.

Furthermore, this is a fantastic opportunity to show us what surfaces your site needs protected, and to demonstrate where lapses in the surface protection market exist. We have developed a number of products over the years because builders have told us what's being damaged on their sites.

To arrange a jobsite visit or to request any samples, email Steven at or call the office at 541-633-7793. To learn more about surface protection products, email us at or visit