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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Making Cold Weather Cities Livable - Edmonton's New Example

In northern cities, wintertime can mean a season devoid of urban co-living. It's too cold, too grey, and too slippery to bother getting involved with public events and to occupy social spaces. This unfortunate reality can hold city growth back. People want to live in happening places - areas where they can quickly access fun social activities.

As an absolutely frigid winter city, Edmonton is well aware of these livability issues. To combat its own stodgy wintertime vibe, Edmonton has placed itself at the forefront of creating urban space designed to minimize winter's effects. To drive social engagement, Edmonton has undertaken plans to create an urban core based upon simple principles of winter-focused design. Mixing evergreen and deciduous trees can create a natural wind barrier, while allowing sunlight to reach through. Brightly colored features add life to grey skies. Lightwells in buildings take advantage of all of the sunlight they receive.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Learn About UV Threshold Tape With Our Latest YouTube Video Production

We have recently returned to making videos showcasing, educating, and using some of the products we offer. We feel that this is a good way for customers to see the benefits of using surface protection on their jobsites. Our first video covers one of our most popular products, UV Threshold Tape

Our UV Threshold Tape video is embedded below, have a look!

Our YouTube pages features a dozen videos discussing everything from the differences between Shoe Covers to protecting cabinets with Protecta-Foam. We will be adding more videos throughout the next year, so subscribe to our channel and stay up to date.

Many of our videos are also embedded on the appropriate product pages on our website, so visit to find them.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New Commercial Project in Denmark Features Man-Made Ski Slope

With winter upon us and our local ski resort now open (Mt. Bachelor, Oregon), I felt that it was a fun time to write about a crossover project linking skiing and a new commercial development.

Denmark has committed itself to being a carbon-neutral nation by 2030, and to do so they are constructing a number of green energy plants to replace dirty energy like coal. The new Amager Bakke incinerator in Copenhagen will convert landfill waste to energy - a cleaner alternative to allowing waste to release greenhouse gases as it sits in a landfill. The technology, however, isn't the innovative aspect of this new project.

So what's interesting about it? The new energy plant will feature a functional ski slope. When it opens in 2020, riders will be skiing down 280 vertical feet of three different slopes, all sitting atop a massive waste incinerator. Riders will be lifted back to the top of the slope via elevators, seen in the above image. Being among the flattest countries in the world, this is a hugely creative and functional way to mask an industrial structure.

Construction as it currently stands
The need to mask the aesthetic looks of a power plant lie in the location of the plant. Due to the layout of Denmark's energy and heating grid, it is far more efficient for power plants to be located near it's large population center in Copenhagen. However, few people want to live, work, and play next to a large, unsightly power plant. Thus, this marriage of recreation and power generation is a creative and new way to address industrial development in urban population centers.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

We've Published A New Article - Using Surface Protection to Shorten Punch Lists

In addition to the press releases, blog posts, and videos here and on our sister site, we also regularly publish articles through Ezine, the online publication. Our newest article covers the basics of finish stages of construction; and how final checklists of tasks to be completed are made before turning the home over to the new homeowner.

Punch lists are a detailed list of tasks and work that needs to be completed. Every item on a punch list is something that must be addressed before a home is turned over to the client, typically centered around the finish stages of construction. Finish protection drastically cuts down on punch list items, ultimately getting the client into their home as soon as possible, and with the fewest extra costs attached. Keeping floors, cabinets, doors, and everything covered limits extra work and prevents the costly replacement of finishes. Keep your clients satisfied and your punch lists short by using surface protection!

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Keep Your Home Or Jobsite Clean With Our Adhesive Walk-Off Mats

A common staple found on jobsites both commercial and residential are Adhesive Mats (or walk-off mats as they're known on-site). These mats are an easy to use and affordable way to limit the amount of dirt and debris that gets tracked into a project by feet and by equipment.

Set it and forget it. Walk off mats are the preferred choice for dust control
Construction sites aren't the only common place for adhesive mats to be used. Many homeowners purchase adhesive mats to keep their homes clean. It's common to place them in front of garage doorways, backyard doorways, and in any other areas of the home prone to being muddied. We have also received calls from customers using them as a means to keep their pet's paws clean as they enter their homes.

A single walk-off mat features thirty adhesive pages, which can be quickly pulled off once used up. We offer them in cases of four (120 total adhesive pages) for $88.00.

to learn more about Adhesive Walk-Off Mats or any other surface protection products that we offer, visit our website or email us at

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Protective Films On the Way

We're happy to announce that we're soon releasing a new line of ultra high quality protective films.

The new films are currently being manufactured and are intended to be a substantial upgrade over standard adhesive films. The adhesives used, the poly compound in the film itself, and the packaging are all going to be improvements over competitors' standard films. These films promise to be rated for longer use, lessen the chance of adhesive transfer, and adhere better than most current films on market. We're very confident that builders and homeowners alike will be very happy with the new film formulation.

In the next week we will be receiving our new films and liquidating our older standard films, stay tuned to learn more about our new films, as we will be sending an email blast in the coming days detailing our new products.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tyvek Shoe Covers Keep Your Boots Dry and Your Jobsite Clean

As the Pacific Northwest is still drying out from a series of huge rain and snowstorms, I feel that this is an appropriate time to talk about our Tyvek ProShield Shoe Covers.

Tyvek ProShield Covers Will Fit any Size Boot
Tyvek ProShield Shoe Covers offer the greatest degree of water resistance available, and they are the most durable shoe cover we offer. Made from the same material that is used to weatherproof houses, these are a perfect fit on any wet and muddy jobsite. Tyvek Shoe Covers feature an elastic band at the top and a high grip finish on the bottom, preventing slips and injuries on wet jobsites. They are sized to fit every size boot, and even feature a breathable material, preventing workboots from becoming too wet and sweaty. 

If you're looking for the toughest shoe cover on market, this is likely your best option. 

To learn more about Tyvek ProShield Shoe Covers, or any other product we offer, visit our website or email us at

Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Product --- Utility Box Covers

In an effort to create another new product, we actually looked back and rebooted one of our products that was popular eight years ago. Our *new* Utility Box Cover is a quick, affordable, and effective way to keep large utility boxes free from damage.

Utility Box Covers Quickly Keep Boxes Protected
On jobsites, it's not uncommon for transformer and utility boxes to be used to hold things, get paint spilled on them, and get hugely dirty from the muddy and dusty construction environment. With Utility Box Covers, you can quickly attach pre-fitted plastic sheeting with an elastic band. Sold in cases of 12, the covers include the elastic bands needed for a quick install.

This simple and quick step ensures that utility boxes still look brand new at the end of a project. Superintendents have asked us multiple times about covering Utility boxes, because at the end of a project the new homes look fantastic but a beat up and ugly utility box is left visibly standing.

To learn more about Utility Box Covers or any other product we offer, visit our website or email us at

Friday, October 7, 2016

Focusing on Wintertime Jobsite Safety

Winter will soon bring wet weather, snow and ice. And as building continues, the focus on jobsite safety in these conditions becomes more imperative than before. Properly protected jobsites go above and beyond the minimum OSHA mandated requirements for safety.

Beginning with the basics, it is law that all elevated surfaces, stairs, and other potential falling hazards keep workers protected with a handrail system. Typically, jobsites fashion handrails with wood, however, this can be problematic on concrete and it tends to look unprofessional. One of our newer products seeks to address these issues. Safety Boot is a temporary guardrail system that meets all federal and state safety standards. Safety Boot allows builders to quickly mount a temporary wooden guardrail to a plastic boot that anchors to the floor. This accelerates installation time, strengthens the guardrail, and looks far better than a typical wood on wood handrail.

Safety Boot offers a safe and professional looking jobsite guardrail
Another integral part of jobsite safety is properly securing ladders and other standing devices. On wet and icy floors ladders may become unstable and pose substantial risk to the user. An easy and multipurpose fix for this potential issue is to use absorbent floor protection. Using a product such as Surface Liner Vapor, you will have a safe, dry floor surface that is securely held in place. This will protect a floor from damage and keep a ladder from slipping.

Surface Liner Vapor provides the best slip-resistance of any floor covering
Other forms of jobsite protection include items that are worn on site. Water resistant shoe covers with a high-grip footing allow workers to safely walk on wet surfaces that would otherwise be slippery. Depending on how wet, muddy, and dirty a jobsite is, there are different options of shoe covers. Tyvek, plastic, and cloth provide differing levels of protection, with Tyvek and plastic providing the most water resistance and cloth offering up the best footing.

Provided a jobsite maintains stringent safety standards and provides additional materials to ensure safety, enduring the wet winter weather ahead should be a straightforward process. Keep your floors covered, your handrails on, and your workers well equipped.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Leard About Door Guard Plus In Our New Press Release

Door Guard Plus is our newest product, and is one that we're very excited to carry. It's all new, and it's the only product on market that is designed specifially for wide doors that are commonly found on commercial projects. We have published a new press release detailing Door Guard Plus, and it is the best place to find extensive written information about it.

You can find the DoorGuard Plus press release here, or on our website under the "Press Release" tab found here. For more information about Door Guard Plus, or any other product that we offer, visit our website

Monday, September 12, 2016

More Good News for U.S. Construction

A new table was recently published by Stateline graphically displaying the positive impacts of the red-hot building boom on the economies of all states. In 43 states, building is in part responsible for contributing more towards economic growth than it was six years ago. California, Iowa, and Texas have all seen massive positive increases in the last eight years. Construction is undeniably juicing up economies nationwide.

While most states still lag behind the peak pre-recession rates of 2006, the overall trends are very encouraging. With interest rates remaining low and a public mindset more accepting of building as a means to solve housing crises, we're hopeful that the positive numbers continue to grow.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Prepare For Fall Weather With Shoe Covers & Floor Protection

With summer coming to a close, the usual grey skies and wet weather are soon to follow. And while the pace building projects may continue as normal, keeping them clean does not. Mud, water, silt, and other debris can be tracked into any project during periods of inclement weather (which if you reside in the Northwest like we do, wet weather lasts about six continuous months).

To keep this muddy jobsite clean, they'll be using a lot of surface protection
Prevention is always a better option than finding a solution afterwards, and fortunately many affordable preventative measures exist. For residential projects, Shoe Covers combined with Water Resistant Floor Protection are common measures that keep a jobsite clean. Covering workboots with Shoe Covers is an imperative measure taken throughout the industry to minimize jobsite mud and dirt transfer. We frequently provide thousands of shoe covers to homebuilders; illustrating the value and importance of keeping floors clean during construction.

When coupled with Shoe Covers, Waterproof Floor Protection adds another layer of protection to a jobsite. Floor protection will prevent slips and falls due to slippery mud and dirt, as well as protect the floors while keeping the jobsite clean. Proactively keeping a project clean allows earlier completion, too. Less cleaning means less work and less time needed to finish a job.

In addition to providing large builders with surface protection materials, we often provide mud control products to homeowners doing their own remodel projects. Homeowners appreciate the minimal cleaning time necessary when using floor protection, having a clean home during a remodel project, and they appreciate no damage being done to their floors.

Wet weather will soon come, and tracking mud into your projects will follow. Limiting the amount of mud tracked into your project is key to keeping cleanup manageable, and to keep a safe and clean jobsite.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Commercial Door Protection; Our Newest Product

Piggybacking off the success of our popular DoorGuard, we have created a new larger version of DoorGuard. This is designed to provide protection for wide commercial doors. Wide doors are commonly found in hospitals, universities, and numerous other commercial buildings. This will be the first product on market designed specifically to protect wide commercial doors; none of our competitors offer a comparable product.

4' Wide doors like these are commonplace in hospitals
In fact, we have already sold our first two orders of Commercial DoorGuard. One to a hospital project in Texas and  the other to a hospital project in North Carolina; so we're confident that the new DoorGuard will be a great product to carry. Multiple superintendents and door installers have asked us to carry protection for wider commercial doors, and we now do.

We will shortly be receiving our first shipment of the new Commercial DoorGuard, at which point we'll have pictures, specs, and links to our website featuring our new product during its full-scale media rollout. Though Commercial DoorGuard is not yet on our website, you can always visit to learn more about the surface protection solutions we offer.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Economy Coverguard Hard Surface Protection; Take A Look At Our New Press Release

We have recently detailed our newest product, Orange CoverGuard, and we have now produced a press release regarding this new product.

Orange CoverGuard protecting Terrazzo flooring
In short, Orange CoverGuard retains its re-usability and toughness but eschews its fire-resistant capabilities in favor of being 30% cheaper. This makes it a perfect application for residential and light-commercial construction projects. Like standard CoverGuard, the 3' x 393' rolls of Orange CoverGuard is offered in three thicknesses, 10 mil, 25 mil, and 40 mil. While large-scale hospital, defense, and other similar projects are legally required to use fire-resistant protection, most projects are not; making them perfect for use of new Orange CoverGuard.

Though we've only carried this new product for two weeks, we've already provided it to large and small scale projects. The superintendent for a large J.E. Dunn project in Austin received 52 rolls of Orange CoverGuard and his reviews have been glowing. He's provided us with images of the product being used on his jobsite to protect freshly installed terrazzo flooring.

Orange CoverGuard in use at a J.E. Dunn project in Austin
Immediately apparent is the contrast in color that the bright Orange CoverGuard provides. Illuminating protected surfaces highlights them, subtly reinforcing the need for people to be mindful of preventing damage.

As always, to learn more about Orange CoverGuard, or any other products we offer, visit our website or email us at

If you would like to request samples of Orange CoverGuard, please let us know by emailing or calling us at (541) 633-7793

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Check Out New Orange CoverGuard Industrial Floor Protection

CoverGuard is a diamond plated plastic-based floor covering that has long been one of our bestselling products for commercial construction projects. Hospitals, courthouses, universities, and a number of other large construction projects have repeatedly turned to Coverguard to keep their floors and vertical surfaces damage-free. In an effort to better showcase surface protection efforts, Coverguard is now offered in a bright orange color. Even though we've only just received our distributor information about new Coverguard, we have already sold five pallets worth to a hospital project in Austin, Texas. We hope that many more customers will also like the new CoverGuard.

25 mil CoverGuard in the new Orange color

CoverGuard is offered in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and even with fire resistant capabilities. Visit our website or email us at to learn more about Coverguard.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

American New-Home Sales Surging

In June, new home sales reached an 8 year peak and represented a staggering 10% increase over June of 2015. While the recovery effort following the 2008 housing collapse took longer than anticipated, it looks as though housing is finally showing its impressive potential.

Easy to see the sudden recession and the slow but steady recovery 
Even more good news was released when moderate home price appreciation was recorded, and that appreciation is currently being forecasted well into the future. This means there remains an incentive to continue building new homes and an incentive to continue buying new homes.

Numerous factors are responsible for housing's strong comeback. Low interest rates are lessening the cost of buying a home, consumer confidence is high (two percentage points higher than predicted, at that. This is largely due to good employment statistics and in smaller part due to low commodity prices such as gasoline) so people are willing to spend, and homebuilders are optimistic about the success of future prospects so new home starts keep increasing.

If anything, the factors restraining the growth of new homebuilding remain a lack of skilled labor and space constraints. Most builders are adamant that skilled labor shortages are limiting their ability to build (a complaint that's likely a combination of frustration at having to pay wages higher than the very low ones they're accustomed to paying, and some truth as many workers left the labor force following the recession), and that finding land to build on is increasingly difficult. These two factors have led to a supply of new homes that is currently 20% below average.

In all, new homebuilding trends look very good. People want to buy homes, and builders feel comfortable building homes. While it may be a little more diffiuclt than before to build, there is more incentive to do so than in years past.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Temporary Floor Protection --- A Product Guide

We have published a new piece detailing the different types of residential and commercially availible flooring protection. From RamBoard to EZ Cover, our new article walks you through every floor protection option.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Builders Site Protection's Shoe Covers Featured In Bend's Annual "Tour of Homes" Event

Every summer here in Bend, builders and homeowners come together to show off their newly constructed custom homes. Prospective home buyers, builders, and anyone else is free to tour selected homes in an open house setting. This event, called Tour of Homes, grows every year and is especially large this summer due to the local building boom. Over 60 homes have been entered in the event, representing dozens of different homebuilders, home styles, and settings.

A Johannesen Builders home that will be using our Shoe Covers and Surface Liner Vapor floor protection during Tour of Homes
We have provided numerous local builders with all types of our Shoe Covers and both sizes of Surface Liner Vapor to keep their gorgeous new custom homes damage-free during Tour of Homes. We're glad to be contributing to the local building scene's big day, and we're sure that the homeowners are happy that their floors will stay clean and safe.

As always, to learn more about our shoe covers, or any other product we offer, email us at, or visit our website

Thursday, July 7, 2016

We Now Offer Free Samples Of TubCoat, Our Temporary Tub Protection Solution.

Since we began distributing TubCoat a few years ago, its popularity and usage has steadily grown. Back then, there were very few options available designed to protect tubs. However, TubCoat is a perfect tub protection product.

TubCoat being removed in one solid layer
Applied either by roller or by aerosol spray, TubCoat adheres to a tub much like paint does. Once dry, TubCoat forms a hard layer that can withstand impact damages and scratches from sharp objects such as screws, nails, drywall etc... It has been thoroughly tested and created specifically to resist damage from nails and screws being stepped on and driven into a tub by a workboot.

To better show potential customers how TubCoat works, we now offer free samples of the dried and finished product applied to a sheet of carbonate plastic. To request your sample, just email us at or visit our website to request a catalog and sample at

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Building Efficiently; Seattle & Portland

Recently Vox Media published a study using a new measure of household density to determine which cities are building in the most efficient manner. Normal studies use an old and simple measure of density, while this study uses a targeted measure that more accurately weights parts of a city where a higher proportion of people actually reside. This new measure therefore can see past industrial and commercial areas and focuses on where people actually live. What now becomes apparent is that as people are leaving the urban areas of some cities (Detroit, Cincinnati etc...), other locales are becoming more dense without housing costs increasing dramatically.

Portland and Seattle lie near the top of this graph, and far above the regression line (click to enlarge)
Looking at the graph, it stands to reason that places like Charlotte are adding the most density. Because Charlotte was such a sprawled out metro area before their building boom, current building can increase its measured density quickly because the weighted housing density was so low to begin with. New Orleans (bottom left of graph) is both losing population and is becoming less dense; which can be interpreted as people are leaving the city, and most new construction starts are in suburban areas.

Whereas cities such as San Francisco and New York have historically struggled balancing population growth with affordable housing, Seattle and Portland have maintained relaxed expansionary policies aiding the ability of people to build in those cities. These measures have contributed to falling rents in some parts of Seattle; a prospect that seems ludicrous in places like the greater Bay Area. For growing cities, generating positive infill (as opposed to exclusively generating sprawl... Looking at you, Phoenix) and keeping housing costs down is an ideal win-win situation, and is something other cities should emulate.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We're Providing Our Best Selling UV Threshold Protection to the Blake Hotel in Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley, located in New Mexico's Sangre de Cristo mountains, has recently changed ownership. The new owners have committed to a massive commercial redevlopment of the valley, including its landmark slopeside Blake Hotel. Hotel space, restauruants, and retail outlets will all be either modernized and rebuilt or constructed from scratch. The newly updated faux-Austrian styled village will become the centerpiece of the redeveloped ski resort community.

As part of the remodel, Jaynes Corp, the GC of the project, has purchased 120 rolls of our UV Threshold Tape. While our threshold tape is among our most popular products, and order for 120 rolls is unprecedented. Jaynes Corp is a repeat customer for our threshold protection, so we're proud that they feel UV Threshold Tape merits repeat orders.

If you would like any additional information about our UV Threshold Tape, or any other surface protection products, pleaswe email us at, or visit our website

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

We're Proud to be Providing DoorGuard Temporary Surface Protection to the New WOU Education Center

We have recently received an order for hundreds of our DoorGuards to protect Western Oregon University's new Richard Woodcock Education Center that's currently under construction. This Andersen Construction project is currently in the finish stages, and will be completed before fall term begins later this year.

We have provided surface protection to past Andersen Construction projects at state universities, so we are very happy that they are continuing to use our products in their current projects. I have also written a press release detailing our involvement in this project, which as always, can be found on our website's press release page.

Rendering of WOU's New Woodcock Eduction Center
If you have any questions about DoorGuard, or any other surface protection product, please contact us at, call us at (541) 633-7793, or visit our website

Friday, May 13, 2016

Using ZipWall and Polyethylene Sheeting to Improve A Garden

Now that we've all reached the last of the cold temperatures and all of the snow has melted, it's time to focus on priming your yard for the sunny weather. To do so, we actually carry a few handy construction-focused products that can be used to improve one's garden.

Springtime here in Oregon
First and foremost is our Polyethylene 4 mil plastic sheeting. The sheeting is typically used as a central component of creating dust barriers or to provide a waterproof cover for jobsite materials. However, this can also be easily applied to bent PVC pipe or to an existing wooden structure to form a sealed and effective greenhouse. The greenhouse that I've built using this plastic registers temperatures inside about 12 degrees higher than outside, so this plastic is definitely works well. So far it has stood up to one-and-a-half inch hail and a continual battering by winds, thunderstorms, and even a few days of snow. I built my greenhouse using leftover treated wood from a past project, so the entire greenhouse only cost me the film and some new deck screws (about $35 total). To celebrate spring, we have even put our plastic sheeting on sale, so right now a 10' x 100' roll only costs $29.95.

ZipWall Standard Zippers can be sued to create a quick, cheap, and effective greenhouse door. By placing the two adhesive zippers on either end of the plastic sheeting that you want sealed, a reusable door that can zip open and closed is created.

Polyethylene Plastic in use
If you have any questions about ZipWall or plastic sheeting, please visit our website or email us at

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Springtime Sale!

After doing a little spring cleaning around the warehouse, we've decided to offer a new sale. We are currently offering 10% off of all internet orders over $250 through Friday, May 6th. This applies to every product we carry on our entire website; hundreds in all.

Visit our website to learn more and to view everything that you could be saving money on.

Friday, April 15, 2016

DoorGuard Has Been Awarded A Silver Medal At the 2015 ADEX Design Competition

We're proud to announce that our latest ADEX award recipient is our popular DoorGuard. ADEX is an association for showcasing product design within the construction, architecture, and interior design fields.

Products are awarded for their creativity, aesthetic appearance, functionality, and overall design. Our DoorGuard has been a huge seller for years, so it's always nice to receive positive affirmation about your own hard work!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Check Out One Of Our Newest And Fastest-Selling Products, Safety Boot

A few months ago, we finalized all of the necessary details and were then able to carry the Safety Boot Temporary Guardrail System for resale. And while initial sales were a little slow, they're flying off of our warehouse shelves now. We just received a big order of them, and I doubt they'll be in our hands for long.

Safety Boot Quickly Forms OSHA-Approved Guardrails

Safety Boot is a pack of yellow floor mounts that allow OSHA approved guardrails to be erected in minutes. They can be used on every type of floor, from standard wood subfloors to the concrete flooring used in commercial projects. The Safety Boot is made from high-strength plastic, allowing it to be safety reused time and time again. 

To learn more about Safety Boot or any of our other products, visit out website or email us at

Monday, March 21, 2016

Time Lapse Video of the Newly Completed Denver Airport Project, Featuring Our DoorGuards

In November of 2014, we provided nearly 900 of our DoorGuards to the Denver Airport Project. Now completed, there is a time-lapse video documenting the entirety of the South Terminal Redevelopment project in only 90 seconds.

We can't help but feel satisfied watching this project come together, and we would like to think that our DoorGuard was partially responsible for keeping the project at-cost and on-time.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Edge ProTect Has Been Chosen As One of Design Journal's "Best of 2015" Products

Last year, we released our latest product offering, Edge Protect. Since, we have referenced it on this blog, and on our website numerous times. However, we felt the need to do so once more as Edge ProTect as been selected among Design Journal's "Best of 2015" products. 

Egde ProTect
To further detail this achievement, we have published a press release containing everything you need to know about Edge ProTect and the Design Journal awards. All of our current and past press releases can be found on our website under the press release tab

As always, if you would like to know more about Edge ProTect or any other products email us at or visit our website 

Friday, February 19, 2016

We're Currently Holding A Winter Sale On All Films!

If you need to stock up on vent, floor, countertop, or window protection, now is the time to do so. Until March 1st, every film we sell is 20% off retail.

Keep your windows clean and damage-free!
There isn't a coupon code to enter or anything like that, everything on our website is displayed with the discounted price to make ordering as easy as possible. Visit our website or email us at for more information about our films, and any other product we sell.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

We're Proud to be Providing Edge and Jamb Surface Protection to the "Ten Thousand" Project in Century City

Last week we shipped a very large order of our 60" Edge Protection and RamJamb jamb savers to the ongoing residential tower being constructed at 10,000 Santa Monica Blvd. This project, named Ten Thousand, is being built by Swinterton Builders and is set to provide 282 luxury residences in an area typically dominated by office space. The 40 story tower tower comes with a hefty $300 million construction cost; making their investment in surface protection vital.

Once completed, the residences in the tower will have sweeping views, ranging from the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Downtown LA skyline to the east. Further, it will become the only tall building in Century City not to feature a flat roof, as more new buildings in the greater Los Angeles area are seeking to depart from L.A.'s typically bland and flat top design. The Ten Thousand project is slated for a late-2016 opening.

If you would like to know more about the Ten Thousand project or any of the products we are providing them, follow any of the hyperlinks embedded above.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Emerging Trends in Homebuilding

Recently a new report from Urban Land Institute has been making waves throughout the construction and design industries. This reputable and widely spread forecast outlines the transition from the post-recession slump in housing to the bright future ahead. Most interesting however, are some of the general trends covered in the report:

"18 Hour" cities such as Portland, Oregon are projected to rapidly grow
Smaller Cities Will Grow the Most. Places such as Austin, Portland, Raleigh, and Charlotte will likely grow at substantially faster rates than traditional, better-known big cities. Lower cost of living, better transit connectivity, and more open opportunities for investment are making these smaller cities attractive for residents, builders, and investors alike. Portland is already feeling the growth, as it's rental rates/cost are among the fastest rising in the nation (we've seen this firsthand, as we've provided surface protection to a number of new urban projects there). Austin is experiencing its own building boom, rent increases, and growth; and its skyline will soon feature a new tallest building---a residential skyscraper.

Decline in Home Ownership. It's been well documented for some time that millennials are waiting longer to purchase homes, and fewer are even doing so. Interestingly however, a decline in home ownership rates is being seen across all age groups. While the home ownership rate was 70% before the economic downturn, that rate has declined and has been stuck at 63% ever since. Even with the modest recovery taking place and the rapid growth of smaller cities, home owenership rates aren't growing. As a result, non-traditional housing options are increasingly popular. Microhousing units (residences smaller than 350 sqft) are cropping up in urban centers, and rental properties are increasingly desirable; as seen through the massive increases in rental cost in Portland, Austin, and other smaller cities. There certainly exist opportunities for new and creative housing solutions in cities.

Less Parking. Recently, a very popular image overlaying the amount of parking in Los Angeles relative to the size of L.A. has gone viral. It illustrates a big problem with modern cities; parking lots are an inefficient use of land.
The degree to which parking wastes urban space in L.A.
Urban density is increasing, public transit is improving, and fewer young Americans are choosing to own cars. Expect to see a transition away from parking lots towards parking garages and underground lots.

It will be interesting to follow 2016's new housing starts to see if any of these highlighted trends become apparent. Stay up to date with all of our blogging and social media efforts by checking in for our weekly blog postings!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Going Off The Grid; A New Generation Of Energy Efficient Homes

There's little doubt that home builders are focusing on crafting energy-efficient and increasingly sustainable homes. LEED certification has led to the development of commercial buildings with unparalleled energy efficiency. Modern curtain wall systems are cropping up in all big cities to provide an aesthetically pretty building that also insulates well. While efficiency is an important step towards decreasing negative environmental impacts, some new homes are taking things even further. It seems as though building off-grid self sustaining homes will be an increasingly popular solution for environmentally friendly minded buyers. 

CNX Construction recently debuted a new set of four homes in Thailand that use a combination of solar energy and a hydrogen fuel cell for all power. The combination of different power sources allows these homes to exist independent of the power grid, with ample renewable energy. Solar panels handle all energy needs during the day, and they also power the hydrogen fuel cell electrolyzer that handles energy needs at night. The only byproducts of the energy system are oxygen and water, making these houses contribute no pollution. 

Although the current return on using these technologies is an estimated 15 years, these houses were built as an example of what the future of homebuilding will be. As technology progresses, the return on self-sustaining homes will certainly be much shorter. Off-grid homes are certainly an exciting development in homebuilding. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Introducing Edge ProTect; Our New Do-It-All Surface Protection Product

Edge ProTect covers more surface than our standard Edge Protection

Our pallets have finally arrived and Edge ProTect is now stocked and ready for immediate sale. Edge ProTect is a new solution to provide greater coverage than standard edge protection. We envision it being used to protect mullions, edges, vertical surfaces, walls, and door jambs.

They are low-cost, reusable, and 100% recyclable. They measure 4" x 4" x 48"and provide .225" thick V-Board protection. We are currently offering Edge ProTect in cases of 6, however we can ship any quantity needed.

If you would like to learn more about Edge ProTect or would like to request a free sample, visit our website or email us at

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Products and Other Recent Happenings

It's been a Little while since we've last updated this blog page, but many things have happened. First off we hope all had a great holiday season and a fun New Year's.

A chilly New Years Eve in Central Oregon
We have continued to update our website to make it more user-friendly. We now have a completely revamped search engine that works wonderfully. Product categories, related product pairings, and product tags have all been updated to create an easier-to-use website than ever before. Visit our updated webpage and see things for yourself.

Further, we now warehouse Edge ProTect and Kraft Scrim Paper.

Edge ProTect is essentially a larger version of our popular Edge Pro edge protection. Edge ProTect measures 4" x 4" x 48", so it provides wider coverage on the surface it is protecting. It is already being used on projects to protect curtain wall components, mullions, and jambs. We have thousands of units in stock ready to be same-day shipped to your jobsite.

Kraft Scrim Paper is a popular low-cost was to provide waterproof protection to any surface. For years it has kepts many jobsite's surfaces clean, dry, and scratch-free. Unlike other low-mil papers, it resists punctures and tearing. Scrim Paper is commonly used on floors, countertops, walls, and surfaces with delicate finishes that are sensitive to adhesives. Because we now carry this product in-house, we can eliminate any lead time and ship it anywhere the same day you order it.

Visit our website or shoot us an email at to learn more about these new products.