Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Winter Sale On Red Polyethylene Tape

Floor protection has countless benefits on a jobsite, however its effectiveness is only as good as its ability to stay in place. Regardless of the type of floor finish and floor protection being used, tape is often necessary to keep floor protection in place.
Red Poly Tape, often called "stucco tape", is a construction-grade tape used on just about anything from stucco to corrugated plastic sheets. It has a much stronger adhesive than typical masking tapes, allowing it to be used on a huge variety of materials and textures. Red Poly tape is a 2" x 60 yard tape, and is offered in single rolls, 6 packs, and in quantity discounted cases of 24 rolls.

Due to the high strength of its adhesive many builders prefer to use Red Poly Tape on their floor protection over Ram Board Seam Tape. Corrugated plastic sheets, RamBoard, plastic sheeting, CoverGuard, Painter's Board, and countertop protection can all be securely onto surfaces and seams held together with Red Poly Tape.

This tape is now on sale on our website, where you can find a 6 pack of rolls discounted $15, and a case of 24 discounted over $50.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from Builders Site Protection

To celebrate Thanksgiving our hours this week will be limited. We will remain open for business through Wednesday, however we will be closed both Thanksgiving Day and the following day, Friday the 23rd. We will be back open for business as usual on Monday the 26th.

If you have any customer service needs over the holiday, reach out to us via email at

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Brush Up On Concrete Surface Protection Options

As commercial construction continues to roar on, surface protection for concrete has become one of the most common requests we receive from builders. Any work to fix or replace concrete is extremely time intensive, and also commonplace as heavy machinery and tools are used on and above finish slabs. Fortunately concrete can be one of the most straightforward finishes to protect on a jobsite.
CoverGuard protecting a hospital floor
RamBoard is among the most popular floor protection products in the industry. Useful on concrete, decorative concrete, hardwood, tile, and just about everything else, RamBoard is the most cost-effective breathable concrete protection available. RamBoard is sold in 38" x 100' rolls, and starts at $54.90/roll, with discounts available on pallet quantities of 16 or greater.

EZ Cover is another leading concrete surface protection option. Breathable and often spec'd in for concrete projects, EZ Cover allows concrete to harden and cure underneath, while providing two layers of impact protection. EZ Cover is the ideal protection for colored slabs and other high-end decorative concrete work.

CoverGuard is a very strong plastic based surface protection, good for use on cured slabs, as it isn't breathable. It is a diamond-plated hard plastic floor protection that can be hosed down and reused, and also cut to shape on a jobsite. CoverGuard is available in three thicknesses, as well as in a fire-resistant formulation for hospital jobsites. CoverGuard is available in 36" and 72" rolls, and we currently stock the 36" rolls.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Surface Protection for Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial construction is booming. Even in metro areas such as Houston where overall building starts are down, commercial construction is thriving. Companies need office space, labs, and auditoriums and commercial contractors are delivering. With this building boom also comes a glut of surface protection issues on jobsites.

Commercial construction projects often run into different jobsite surface protection problems than residential projects do. For example, at the Knight Cancer Center in Portland, Oregon we were tasked with providing protection for specialty lab panels that were made bespoke for this building. Using a mix of our products including DoorGuard Plus and All-Protect we could create the surface protection solution needed. Particularly in hospital and lab settings builders have to construct complicated and custom features unique to that project.

CoverGuard in use on our customer's hospital project in Austin
Large scale concrete floors, glass panels, and lots of doors are the most commonly protected surfaces on commercial projects. Builders have relied on our RamBoard, CoverGuard, and Tuf-Guard for protecting their concrete slabs. Corrugated plastic sheets have been used to protect walls and hallways in military barracks projects and even in university landscaping applications. We custom cut hundreds of corrugated sheets to protect curtain wall components for San Diego's recently completed courthouse.

With a wide variety of products, materials, and applications, just about any commercial finish and surface can be protected from damage. Just because a product for that specific purpose isn't listed on a website or in a catalog doesn't mean that there aren't materials suited to protect it. If you have any surface protection needs let us know, as we've created packages for all manner of finishes, surfaces, and sizes.

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