Thursday, September 23, 2010

EPA to Begin Enforcing Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule Starting October 1st

Just a friendly reminder to the remodeling contractors out there – the Environmental Protection Agency will begin enforcing the RRP Rule starting on October 1st, only a little over a week from today! If a contractor is found to be violating the RRP Rule during a renovation project, the non-compliance fine is $37,500 per violation.

If you are scrambling to find personal protection supplies, dust control, LeadCheck tests, or other containment products, look no further than the Lead Ready kits offered by Builders Site Protection! We offer a single-person Lead Ready kit, which is perfect for a single contractor working on a small job, and a five-person plus kit – great for larger projects. We also supply HEPA vacuums, ZipWall, plastic sheeting, and many more lead containment products. We even carry a lead abatement line, which includes lead encapsulates, sealants and paint removers. To get more info, please give me a call at (866) 788-6886 or visit our website at

I look forward to helping you meet the RRP Rule!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Steven heads off to college at the University of Oregon

Steven, our wonderful warehouse guy, is leaving Builders Site Protection to attend the University of Oregon this fall. Steven has worked hard to keep our warehouse organized and to ship out customers’ orders of temporary surface protection and lead containment products in a timely manner. Thanks for all of your hard work Steven! Best of luck at college!