Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Prepare For Fall Weather With Shoe Covers & Floor Protection

With summer coming to a close, the usual grey skies and wet weather are soon to follow. And while the pace building projects may continue as normal, keeping them clean does not. Mud, water, silt, and other debris can be tracked into any project during periods of inclement weather (which if you reside in the Northwest like we do, wet weather lasts about six continuous months).

To keep this muddy jobsite clean, they'll be using a lot of surface protection
Prevention is always a better option than finding a solution afterwards, and fortunately many affordable preventative measures exist. For residential projects, Shoe Covers combined with Water Resistant Floor Protection are common measures that keep a jobsite clean. Covering workboots with Shoe Covers is an imperative measure taken throughout the industry to minimize jobsite mud and dirt transfer. We frequently provide thousands of shoe covers to homebuilders; illustrating the value and importance of keeping floors clean during construction.

When coupled with Shoe Covers, Waterproof Floor Protection adds another layer of protection to a jobsite. Floor protection will prevent slips and falls due to slippery mud and dirt, as well as protect the floors while keeping the jobsite clean. Proactively keeping a project clean allows earlier completion, too. Less cleaning means less work and less time needed to finish a job.

In addition to providing large builders with surface protection materials, we often provide mud control products to homeowners doing their own remodel projects. Homeowners appreciate the minimal cleaning time necessary when using floor protection, having a clean home during a remodel project, and they appreciate no damage being done to their floors.

Wet weather will soon come, and tracking mud into your projects will follow. Limiting the amount of mud tracked into your project is key to keeping cleanup manageable, and to keep a safe and clean jobsite.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Commercial Door Protection; Our Newest Product

Piggybacking off the success of our popular DoorGuard, we have created a new larger version of DoorGuard. This is designed to provide protection for wide commercial doors. Wide doors are commonly found in hospitals, universities, and numerous other commercial buildings. This will be the first product on market designed specifically to protect wide commercial doors; none of our competitors offer a comparable product.

4' Wide doors like these are commonplace in hospitals
In fact, we have already sold our first two orders of Commercial DoorGuard. One to a hospital project in Texas and  the other to a hospital project in North Carolina; so we're confident that the new DoorGuard will be a great product to carry. Multiple superintendents and door installers have asked us to carry protection for wider commercial doors, and we now do.

We will shortly be receiving our first shipment of the new Commercial DoorGuard, at which point we'll have pictures, specs, and links to our website featuring our new product during its full-scale media rollout. Though Commercial DoorGuard is not yet on our website, you can always visit to learn more about the surface protection solutions we offer.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Economy Coverguard Hard Surface Protection; Take A Look At Our New Press Release

We have recently detailed our newest product, Orange CoverGuard, and we have now produced a press release regarding this new product.

Orange CoverGuard protecting Terrazzo flooring
In short, Orange CoverGuard retains its re-usability and toughness but eschews its fire-resistant capabilities in favor of being 30% cheaper. This makes it a perfect application for residential and light-commercial construction projects. Like standard CoverGuard, the 3' x 393' rolls of Orange CoverGuard is offered in three thicknesses, 10 mil, 25 mil, and 40 mil. While large-scale hospital, defense, and other similar projects are legally required to use fire-resistant protection, most projects are not; making them perfect for use of new Orange CoverGuard.

Though we've only carried this new product for two weeks, we've already provided it to large and small scale projects. The superintendent for a large J.E. Dunn project in Austin received 52 rolls of Orange CoverGuard and his reviews have been glowing. He's provided us with images of the product being used on his jobsite to protect freshly installed terrazzo flooring.

Orange CoverGuard in use at a J.E. Dunn project in Austin
Immediately apparent is the contrast in color that the bright Orange CoverGuard provides. Illuminating protected surfaces highlights them, subtly reinforcing the need for people to be mindful of preventing damage.

As always, to learn more about Orange CoverGuard, or any other products we offer, visit our website or email us at

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Check Out New Orange CoverGuard Industrial Floor Protection

CoverGuard is a diamond plated plastic-based floor covering that has long been one of our bestselling products for commercial construction projects. Hospitals, courthouses, universities, and a number of other large construction projects have repeatedly turned to Coverguard to keep their floors and vertical surfaces damage-free. In an effort to better showcase surface protection efforts, Coverguard is now offered in a bright orange color. Even though we've only just received our distributor information about new Coverguard, we have already sold five pallets worth to a hospital project in Austin, Texas. We hope that many more customers will also like the new CoverGuard.

25 mil CoverGuard in the new Orange color

CoverGuard is offered in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and even with fire resistant capabilities. Visit our website or email us at to learn more about Coverguard.