Friday, April 27, 2018

RECON Extreme Duty Cleaner Now Available

To continue bolstering our remediation and abatement supply, we have added RECON Extreme Duty Counteractant to our product line.

RECON is a cleaner and degreaser that is specially designed to remove heavy accumulations of grease and smoke/soot from hard surfaces. Applied by hand, by spray, or by pressure washer, RECON quickly acts on any suspended contaminants, dissolving them and allowing them to be quickly wiped away. RECON is a concentrated solution that can be diluted as much as 1:64, ensuring that one gallon of RECON can cover a large remediation area.

Each gallon of RECON is is $52.96. Because it can be diluted, and because it can be added to other standard cleaning products, RECON is a long-lasting remediation supply.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

New Product - Ram Board Multi-Cutter

The latest addition to our product line, the Multi-Cutter, is the ideal tool for cutting floor protection to size. Made by RamBoard, the Multi-Cutter is specially designed to speed up floor protection installation. 

Featuring a two-sided blade, Multi-Cutter hooks behind floor protection and slides through it with ease. Multi-Cutter includes four blades which are magnetically stored inside of the handle. Additionally, Multi-Cutter features plastic stoppers that prevent the tool from scratching the floor or surface below.

While initially made for cutting RamBoard, Multi-Cutter can be used on any number of other floor protection and construction materials. Surface Liner Vapor, Clean & Safe, Carpet, Poly Sheeting, Rosin Paper, Roofing Felt, and many more commonplace material can be easily cut to size with the Multi-Cutter.

To learn more about Multi-Cutter, Floor Protection, or any other surface protection product, email us at or visit our website