Thursday, March 28, 2019

Trimaco X-Board Hardwood Floor Protection Now Available

Builders Site Protection is always focused on adding new and varied products. Our latest product addition is Trimaco's X-Board, a stronger floor protection alternative to building paper and scrim paper.

X-Board is a 35" x 100' (291 sqft) temporary floor protection designed with lightweight remodeling, painting, and restoration projects in mind. Breathable and spill-resistant, X-Board is an ideal surface protection for hardwood floors. X-Board is plyable enough to be wrapped around interior corners, cabinets, countertops, and other common fixtures. X-Board lays flat, and can be quickly taped into place.

Single rolls of X-Board cost $32.99, and discounts on pallet and case quantities are available upon request. For further information and price quotes including shipping email us at and we will respond shortly.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Builders Site Protection Will be in Reno and Sacramento This Week

From Wednesday March 20th through Friday the 23rd, Builders Site Protection's president Pat Mullen will be working with and meeting builders in the greater Reno and Sacramento areas. Not only will she be meeting with existing customers, she will also be stopping at new jobsites and projects and introducing the company.

This is a great opportunity for builders to see surface protection products up close on their jobsite. Often times we have found that builders unsure of whether or not their custom finishes and features can be protected are pleasantly surprised when they see surface protection in person.

If you have a project in the Reno or Sacramento areas please let us know and we can schedule a visit to your jobsite. Pat will have a car full of surface protection samples to share with commercial and residential builders.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Read Our New Press Release About Floor Protection

We have published a new press release detailing the floor protection we are providing to W.G. Clark's new Main Street Flats project.

CoverGuard Economy floor protection is being used to protect concrete slabs from wheeled equipment such as scissor lifts and forklifts. Clean & Safe water resistant floor protection is being used inside units to prevent mud and water from getting tracked onto the new floors. Finally, walk-off mats are being placed at this projects entrances to limit the amount of dirt and debris entering the jobsite; minimizing  clean-up costs and finish damages.

The Main Street Flats project, slated to open in Fall
The Main Street Flats project is located in downtown Bellevue, Washington. This multi-use project will feature high end units as well as ground-level retail space.

To view all of our past press releases, visit the press releases tab here on our website's homepage.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

EZ Cover Concrete Protection Now Available in New Size

High end concrete, slab, and finish work is increasingly common on jobsites. As a result, the demand for a breathable surface protection that won't stain concrete is as high as ever. Enter EZ Cover; the leading breathable surface protection product designed for use on concrete. 

EZ Cover is now offered in 48" x 50' long rolls, providing 200sqft of concrete protection. Not only impact resistant, EZ Cover also offers spill protection. EZ Cover is made of two materials, a hard and durable outer layer, and a soft cloth-based layer that ensures concrete will not be scratched or dented by equipment and machinery. 

EZ Cover's new 48" size allows us to stock it in our warehouse, and makes the shipping rates for the product substantially cheaper. If you're interested in ordering EZ Cover, please contact us over the phone or through our website to receive price quotes with shipping included. We also offer product samples, and a number of other floor protection options for any type of project.

To learn more about EZ Cover concrete surface protection or any other surface protection, email us at or visit our website