Wednesday, July 27, 2016

American New-Home Sales Surging

In June, new home sales reached an 8 year peak and represented a staggering 10% increase over June of 2015. While the recovery effort following the 2008 housing collapse took longer than anticipated, it looks as though housing is finally showing its impressive potential.

Easy to see the sudden recession and the slow but steady recovery 
Even more good news was released when moderate home price appreciation was recorded, and that appreciation is currently being forecasted well into the future. This means there remains an incentive to continue building new homes and an incentive to continue buying new homes.

Numerous factors are responsible for housing's strong comeback. Low interest rates are lessening the cost of buying a home, consumer confidence is high (two percentage points higher than predicted, at that. This is largely due to good employment statistics and in smaller part due to low commodity prices such as gasoline) so people are willing to spend, and homebuilders are optimistic about the success of future prospects so new home starts keep increasing.

If anything, the factors restraining the growth of new homebuilding remain a lack of skilled labor and space constraints. Most builders are adamant that skilled labor shortages are limiting their ability to build (a complaint that's likely a combination of frustration at having to pay wages higher than the very low ones they're accustomed to paying, and some truth as many workers left the labor force following the recession), and that finding land to build on is increasingly difficult. These two factors have led to a supply of new homes that is currently 20% below average.

In all, new homebuilding trends look very good. People want to buy homes, and builders feel comfortable building homes. While it may be a little more diffiuclt than before to build, there is more incentive to do so than in years past.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Temporary Floor Protection --- A Product Guide

We have published a new piece detailing the different types of residential and commercially availible flooring protection. From RamBoard to EZ Cover, our new article walks you through every floor protection option.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Builders Site Protection's Shoe Covers Featured In Bend's Annual "Tour of Homes" Event

Every summer here in Bend, builders and homeowners come together to show off their newly constructed custom homes. Prospective home buyers, builders, and anyone else is free to tour selected homes in an open house setting. This event, called Tour of Homes, grows every year and is especially large this summer due to the local building boom. Over 60 homes have been entered in the event, representing dozens of different homebuilders, home styles, and settings.

A Johannesen Builders home that will be using our Shoe Covers and Surface Liner Vapor floor protection during Tour of Homes
We have provided numerous local builders with all types of our Shoe Covers and both sizes of Surface Liner Vapor to keep their gorgeous new custom homes damage-free during Tour of Homes. We're glad to be contributing to the local building scene's big day, and we're sure that the homeowners are happy that their floors will stay clean and safe.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

We Now Offer Free Samples Of TubCoat, Our Temporary Tub Protection Solution.

Since we began distributing TubCoat a few years ago, its popularity and usage has steadily grown. Back then, there were very few options available designed to protect tubs. However, TubCoat is a perfect tub protection product.

TubCoat being removed in one solid layer
Applied either by roller or by aerosol spray, TubCoat adheres to a tub much like paint does. Once dry, TubCoat forms a hard layer that can withstand impact damages and scratches from sharp objects such as screws, nails, drywall etc... It has been thoroughly tested and created specifically to resist damage from nails and screws being stepped on and driven into a tub by a workboot.

To better show potential customers how TubCoat works, we now offer free samples of the dried and finished product applied to a sheet of carbonate plastic. To request your sample, just email us at or visit our website to request a catalog and sample at