Tuesday, February 21, 2012


After over a month and a half of hard work Builders Site Protection has launched the brand new website! Located at www.buildsitepro.com (the same web address as before), the website features an easier navigation system, more accurate shipping estimates, and the option to create an account so you don't have to enter your information again and again. For a limited time, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders! As always, Builders Site Protection ships out orders on the same business day or first thing the following day.

In addition to free shipping, we are offering some fantastic website specials that heavily discount some of our most popular items! Products like Toilet Sheath™ toilet protection, Top Guard™ heavy duty floor protection, and 24" x 200 ft. Carpet Film are all on sale now! In addition to these products, our hugely popular Door Guard™ is on special. The Door Guard™ was the first door protection device on the market and remains an eco-friendly favorite with builders across the country.

Call Pat or Heather at (866) 788-6886 if you have any trouble with the new website - we are still working out a few kinks!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Construction Industry Adds 21,000 Jobs in January

More good news for contractors! As the economy slowly comes back from the recession, construction activities across the country are picking up. January saw decreased unemployment numbers and an added 21,000 jobs for construction workers. This brings the industry's total employment to its highest level in two years. Over the past twelve months, construction industry employment has increased by 21%. Builders Site Protection is thrilled that employment and construction projects are on the rise. We look forward to helping builders and contractors meet their upcoming surface protection needs.

Unemployment Rate Drops to 8.3%, Payrolls Jump