Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Walk-Off Mat Floor Protection On Sale Now

For years one of our most popular floor protection products has been sticky Walk-Off Mats. These adhesive floor mats collect and trap dirt and debris from boots before they get tracked onto a jobsite. Residential builders often place walk-off mats at the base of all doorways exposed to heavy foot traffic, keeping the interior floors cleaner  as they do so.

For a limited time only, the standard four pack of adhesive walk-off mats will be discounted in a website-only special sale. Walk-off mats are now priced at $88.20, a discount of about 10%.

Walk-off mats are available in a pack of four and an individual pack of one called the Starter Kit. The starter kit features a skid resistant plastic base that hold the sticky mats in place. We often recommend to first purchase the starter kit, then supplement it with additional sheets as needed from the standard four pack.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Learn How to Set Up A Mobile Containment Unit In Our Latest Video

Our latest video release details how to set up and install a Mobile Containment Unit (rental options available at Northwest Abatement Rental). Intended as a tool for customers and renters alike, this how-to video significantly speeds up the installation and use of an Abatement Technologies AG 3000 Soft HEPA Cart.

Mobile Containment Carts are used in applications that require negative air pressure for dust and debris containment. Anything from asbestos removal to typical electrical work in a hospital necessitates the use of containment units.

Capable of working on ceilings up to 10' tall, mobile containment units can be easily and quickly moved from one location to the next via wheels. The height of containment carts can be easily and quickly adjusted  as well, making wheeling the unit from one location to another and changing its height extremely simple.

This video can be seen in the embedded page above, or can also be found on the Builders Site Protection YouTube page, along with a number of other surface protection related items.

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