Friday, May 13, 2016

Using ZipWall and Polyethylene Sheeting to Improve A Garden

Now that we've all reached the last of the cold temperatures and all of the snow has melted, it's time to focus on priming your yard for the sunny weather. To do so, we actually carry a few handy construction-focused products that can be used to improve one's garden.

Springtime here in Oregon
First and foremost is our Polyethylene 4 mil plastic sheeting. The sheeting is typically used as a central component of creating dust barriers or to provide a waterproof cover for jobsite materials. However, this can also be easily applied to bent PVC pipe or to an existing wooden structure to form a sealed and effective greenhouse. The greenhouse that I've built using this plastic registers temperatures inside about 12 degrees higher than outside, so this plastic is definitely works well. So far it has stood up to one-and-a-half inch hail and a continual battering by winds, thunderstorms, and even a few days of snow. I built my greenhouse using leftover treated wood from a past project, so the entire greenhouse only cost me the film and some new deck screws (about $35 total). To celebrate spring, we have even put our plastic sheeting on sale, so right now a 10' x 100' roll only costs $29.95.

ZipWall Standard Zippers can be sued to create a quick, cheap, and effective greenhouse door. By placing the two adhesive zippers on either end of the plastic sheeting that you want sealed, a reusable door that can zip open and closed is created.

Polyethylene Plastic in use
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