Thursday, February 9, 2017

Doors, Jambs, and Thresholds - Keep These Damage-Prone Finishes Spotless With A Surface Protection System

Whether it be home improvement, remodel, or ground-up construction, come the finish stages of the project, doors, jambs, and thresholds all experience lots of use. Workers and materials are constantly passing through doorways, leaving expensive and difficult to repair finishes exposed to damage. Even supplies as small as extension cords can scuff and damage hardwood door jambs. Boots, carts, and tools are passing over thresholds, which take heaps of use before any project is completed. Though doors are hung very late in the building process, fixing any damage to them is a tremendously costly and difficult process.

DoorGuard, Ram Jamb, and UV Threshold Tape. Three affordable items are all it takes to prevent any frustrating damage to interior and exterior entryways.

After framing and flooring work, thresholds are one of the first finish pieces installed. As such, they're at risk of extensive damage, because they experience so much use, even when a door hasn't been installed. Thresholds can quickly be covered to keep them damage-free. UV Threshold Tape is the industry standard for threshold protection. Thick, strong, and UV-resistant, UV Threshold tape can keep a threshold or trim safe for 180 days. See below for a comprehensive overview of UV Threshold Tape.

With thresholds covered, jambs are the next most likely to be damaged among this group. Fortunately, protecting a jamb is the quickest and easiest of all. Using RamJamb, a reusable cover can be snapped around any sized jamb in seconds. RamJamb holds itself in place by it's own shape (no adhesives), and as such is can be used indefinitely.

Finally, DoorGuard is a BC-flute board cover that provides a temporary barrier against dust and debris damage to hung doors. DoorGuard quickly attaches with tailored elastic bands, and allow the door to remain in use while DoorGuard is installed. Affordable, and attached in less than thirty seconds, DoorGuard is a great way to prevent any door-related headaches during the building process.

With three quick steps, an entire entryway can be comprehensively protected from damage. These three products are among our bestsellers, and local builders have regularly been using them for years. To learn more about any of these surface protection solutions, visit our website

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