Wednesday, August 28, 2019

New Article Posted - Learn About Custom Branded Surface Protection

We have just published our latest in a long line of articles. This new article titled "Using Custom Branded Surface Protection to Drive Referrals" dives into the variety of surface protection products that can be custom printed and custom branded; and further details how this can benefit builders.

Custom printing available on Surface Liner Vapor
To read our entire catalog of published articles, visit the "published articles" tab on our website. We have published a wide array of articles on a variety of platforms, and covering a large range of topics. Articles are a great resource to learn more about surface protection and its benefits.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Read Our Latest Press Release About Edge Guard Temporary Barrier Systems

We have published a new press release that details our involvement in Andersen Construction's ongoing work at the Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon. The projects happening at the hospital are all dependent on using the Edge Guard barrier system that we specialize in and carry.

Edge Guard Barriers are the quickest and easiest way to create a negative air barrier for work in hospitals and in other dust-sensitive applications. Edge Guard barriers are not only more professional in appearance, but they are also cost effective as they can be reused, which temporary single-use plastic sheeting solutions cannot. Edge Guard panels can combine in an endless number of arrangements featuring doors, HEPA discharge ports, and corners.

To read our entire catalog of published press releases visit the "press release" page of our website linked here. This page features every press release that we've published, and is a great resource to learn more about specific products and their practical applications in commercial and residential construction.

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

New Custom Surface Protection Printing Options Available

Builders Site Protection has long provided customers with custom printing options to best suit their surface protection needs, and to best display to customers their dedication to protecting finishes. We're excited to announce that we now can offer custom printing options for our most popular hardwood floor protection product, Surface Liner Vapor.

Surface Liner Vapor is a breathable floor protection best suited to interior stairways and hardwood floors. Because it is breathable, there is no risk of Surface Liner leaving any unsightly curing lines, and it can be laid upon floors the moment they are installed, preventing any damage that may occur during a curing period. Surface Liner Vapor is available in 54' long rolls and 164' long rolls

Currently, Surface Liner Vapor features our company information, pictured above. However, with a minimum order of two pallets of SLV floor protection, 40 rolls in total, your custom logo and company information can be printed at no cost. Custom printed floor protection is a great way to display to customers your commitment to keeping their new and remodeled homes clean and blemish-free. 

We also feature custom printing options on popular products like Toilet Sheath, which is a great option for large-scale residential builders. Visit our website and call us for more information about custom printed toilet protection.

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