Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New Commercial Project in Denmark Features Man-Made Ski Slope

With winter upon us and our local ski resort now open (Mt. Bachelor, Oregon), I felt that it was a fun time to write about a crossover project linking skiing and a new commercial development.

Denmark has committed itself to being a carbon-neutral nation by 2030, and to do so they are constructing a number of green energy plants to replace dirty energy like coal. The new Amager Bakke incinerator in Copenhagen will convert landfill waste to energy - a cleaner alternative to allowing waste to release greenhouse gases as it sits in a landfill. The technology, however, isn't the innovative aspect of this new project.

So what's interesting about it? The new energy plant will feature a functional ski slope. When it opens in 2020, riders will be skiing down 280 vertical feet of three different slopes, all sitting atop a massive waste incinerator. Riders will be lifted back to the top of the slope via elevators, seen in the above image. Being among the flattest countries in the world, this is a hugely creative and functional way to mask an industrial structure.

Construction as it currently stands
The need to mask the aesthetic looks of a power plant lie in the location of the plant. Due to the layout of Denmark's energy and heating grid, it is far more efficient for power plants to be located near it's large population center in Copenhagen. However, few people want to live, work, and play next to a large, unsightly power plant. Thus, this marriage of recreation and power generation is a creative and new way to address industrial development in urban population centers.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

We've Published A New Article - Using Surface Protection to Shorten Punch Lists

In addition to the press releases, blog posts, and videos here and on our sister site, we also regularly publish articles through Ezine, the online publication. Our newest article covers the basics of finish stages of construction; and how final checklists of tasks to be completed are made before turning the home over to the new homeowner.

Punch lists are a detailed list of tasks and work that needs to be completed. Every item on a punch list is something that must be addressed before a home is turned over to the client, typically centered around the finish stages of construction. Finish protection drastically cuts down on punch list items, ultimately getting the client into their home as soon as possible, and with the fewest extra costs attached. Keeping floors, cabinets, doors, and everything covered limits extra work and prevents the costly replacement of finishes. Keep your clients satisfied and your punch lists short by using surface protection!

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Keep Your Home Or Jobsite Clean With Our Adhesive Walk-Off Mats

A common staple found on jobsites both commercial and residential are Adhesive Mats (or walk-off mats as they're known on-site). These mats are an easy to use and affordable way to limit the amount of dirt and debris that gets tracked into a project by feet and by equipment.

Set it and forget it. Walk off mats are the preferred choice for dust control
Construction sites aren't the only common place for adhesive mats to be used. Many homeowners purchase adhesive mats to keep their homes clean. It's common to place them in front of garage doorways, backyard doorways, and in any other areas of the home prone to being muddied. We have also received calls from customers using them as a means to keep their pet's paws clean as they enter their homes.

A single walk-off mat features thirty adhesive pages, which can be quickly pulled off once used up. We offer them in cases of four (120 total adhesive pages) for $88.00.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Protective Films On the Way

We're happy to announce that we're soon releasing a new line of ultra high quality protective films.

The new films are currently being manufactured and are intended to be a substantial upgrade over standard adhesive films. The adhesives used, the poly compound in the film itself, and the packaging are all going to be improvements over competitors' standard films. These films promise to be rated for longer use, lessen the chance of adhesive transfer, and adhere better than most current films on market. We're very confident that builders and homeowners alike will be very happy with the new film formulation.

In the next week we will be receiving our new films and liquidating our older standard films, stay tuned to learn more about our new films, as we will be sending an email blast in the coming days detailing our new products.

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