Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pat heading up to Portland, Oregon to meet with distributors Acme Construction Supply

Surface Protection Expert Pat is traveling to Portland, Oregon this coming weekend to meet with local distributors Acme Construction Supply. Acme has been a Builders Site Protection distributor for several years and is now interested in carrying our highly-popular Lead Ready™ containment kit. Acme has been supplying construction professionals with tools and building materials for over sixty years and has five locations throughout Washington, Oregon, and most recently, Arizona.

If you are a contractor in Oregon or the Pacific Northwest and you would like more information about where to get Builders Site Protection’s surface protection and lead containment products, please call Heather at (866) 788-6886 or email me at sales@buildsitepro.com. We are also looking for additional qualified distributors to better serve our customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. If you are interested in getting information about becoming a Builders Site Protection distributor, please contact Pat at pat@buildsitepro.com.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thomas Jefferson School of Law project in downtown San Diego

Bovis Lend-Lease has chosen Builders Site Protection as its supplier of temporary surface protection supplies for the Thomas Jefferson School of Law construction project. The $68 million dollar project, located at 11th and Island Ave in the heart of downtown San Diego, will feature cutting-edge technology and a friendly, welcoming design. Bovis Lend-Lease has purchased our Protecta-Foam multipurpose protection, our specially designed UV threshold tape, and our ultra-high quality carpet film to protect carpets against damage. So far, Bovis Lend-Lease is thrilled with Builders Site Protection’s outstanding protection products and unbeatable customer service. We look forward to seeing the finished project and to helping Bovis Lend-Lease on their next venture!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Are you guilty of OSHA safety violations?

OSHA’s Top Ten Safety Violations for Fiscal Year 2010

1. Fall protection violations from scaffolding
2. Fall protection
3. Hazard communication/education
4. Respiratory protection
5. Fall protection violations from ladders
6. Control of hazardous energy from machinery and equipment
7. Electrical work/wiring methods
8. Injuries from powered industrial trucks (forklifts)
9. Electrical systems design
10. Safeguards for machines

OSHA made approximately 94,000 citations in FY 2010. The top ten violations represent between 48-49% of all citations.

To avoid incurring costly fines from safety violations, contractors must educate workers on proper workplace safety practices and stay up-to-date on OSHA requirements. Builders Site Protection can supply your business with all of the personal protection materials needed to comply with safety regulations. We offer n100 rated respirators, protective clothing, gloves, shoe covers, eye/face protection, and much more. For more information about our safety products, visit the Builders Site Protection website at www.buildsitepro.com or call 866-788-6886.

Link to OSHA Top Ten List:


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lead Contamination gone wild!

This weeks post is thanks to one of our customers, Terry Singleton of Termite Terry www.termiteterry.com He found this link to a recent project which blatantly disregarded the new RRP rules and was kind enough to foward it to us. One would think this would have happened in the City of Bell, California not Danville, Pennsylvania! Click on the blue title above or paste this link into your browser: