Friday, August 11, 2017

New 15% Off Discount Coupons

To better reward new and existing customers, we're including a one-time 15% off coupon with all orders. Whether you purchase products over the phone, in person, or on our website, you will receive our new coupon. Good for one item, this has the potential to save a substantial amount of money on your surface protection solutions.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Keep Floors Clean With Walk-Off Adhesive Mats

One of the most popular products we've provided jobsites this summer are our Adhesive Walk-Off Mats. Adhesive Mats are a 24" x 36" 4 pack of floor mats with 30 sticky pages to remove the dirt and debris from workers' and clients' shoes.
Typically placed at door entryways, hallways, and outside of jobsite trailers, adhesive mats are among the easiest ways to mitigate jobsite dirt and dust. We regularly provide residential jobsites with cases of Adhesive Walk-Off Mats. Builders often place a mat at the front door of every unit at their project. Featuring 120 total sticky sheets, one case of Walk-Off mats can remove dirt for months on end. Because there are 30 sheets, simply tear off the dirtied sheet and another clean adhesive sheet is ready to tackle dust.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

DoorGuard Being Used In New Downtown Portland Project

We just reached a deal to provide our DoorGuard temporary door protection and RamBoard floor protection to Andersen Construction's new Heartline residential project in downtown Portland, Oregon. This project is a mixed-use residential tower with 218 high end apartment units. Situated in the Pearl District of downtown Portland, the location of these apartments is extremely desirable. A mix of concrete and structural steel frame glass curtain walls, Heartline is unique and bold in its architecture.

Andersen Construction has relied on our DoorGuard door protection for numerous projects in the past. DoorGuard is a temporary door protector made from reinforced fiber board. DoorGuard is novel in that it attaches to doors with two elastic bands, which serve to hold the protection in place while the door maintains functional use. We have also supplied RamBoard floor protection to a number of Andersen's Oregon projects.

We're proud to maintain this continued working relationship, and we look forward to providing local surface protection to Andersen Construction's projects moving forward. It's gratifying to see the ever-changing Portland skyline, and knowing that you played a part in a number of the new developments.

To learn more about DoorGuard, RamBoard, or any of our other finish surface protection products, visit our website or email us at 541-633-7793.

Friday, July 14, 2017

New Stock of Protecta-Foam Cabinet Protection Now In

We have just received hundreds of rolls of our popular cabinet protection product, Protecta-Foam. Protecta-Foam features a reliable yet mild adhesive that can protect cabinets and other wood finishes for 30 days. Available in a 30"x100' roll for cabinets and a 4"x425' roll for trim and small woodwork, one roll  of Protecta-Foam can protect the finishes in an entire home.
Protecta-Foam on a kitchen island
Protecta-Foam is among our best sellers for residential construction work. Remodelers, contractors, and cabinet makers regularly rely on Protecta-Foam to keep their cabinets and woodwork scratch-free. Shipped in a roll, Protecta-Foam features perforations every 12 inches, ensuring that application is extremely quick and simple - it's like using saran wrap.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

4th of July Holiday Business Schedule/Closures

Foremost, we here at Builders Site Protection would like to wish all a happy 4th of July holiday. Enjoy any time off and revel in the great summer weather.

Fireworks here in Bend, Oregon
Just a quick update on our schedule during the holiday-

In addition to observance of July 4th, we will be closed for business on Monday, July 3rd. There will be no planned UPS pickup and no orders will be shipped on July 3rd or 4th. However, our website will remain online and will process any order made while we are closed. Any online orders created during the holiday period will ship on Wednesday, July 5th. We appreciate your patience! 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Learn about Our Newest ZipWall Product, Zipwall FoamRail Span

We're happy to be distributing ZipWall's newest product, FoamRail Span. This new product is an updated take on their existing foam rails, and acts as a quick acting clamp to attach plastic sheeting to ceilings, creating dust barriers in the quickest possible manner. Attaching to standard ZipWall poles, FoamRail Span is the easiest way to create temporary dust barriers.

As part of our press junket for this product, we have created a new press release detailing FoamRail Span. You can read it in the link posted above, or by visiting the press release page of our website.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Demolition vs Deconstruction--- Portland's New Policy

Over the course of 2017, the city of Portland has initiated a law mandating that any home built prior to 1916 must be deconstructed rather than demolished. Deconstruction is the method by which homes are slowly taken apart, so that numerous parts and materials are salvaged along the way. This is a much longer and more labor-intensive process than demolition, in which a house is destroyed with machinery and loaded into dumpsters, saving few materials along the way.

Vintage flooring being deconstructed and saved
Many materials used in classic and vintage homes have a substantial resale value. Stressed hardwood, classic windows, vintage appliances and numerous other materials are in demand among retail outlets such as coffee shows, brew houses, retail fashion storefronts, and others. There is a proven want for reclaimed building materials used in high end commercial and residential projects.

So far deconstruction has successfully served to preserve and to recycle vintage materials; but has also proven itself to be an extremely valuable training program for young workers. The training aspect of the program serves an important purpose in a time of need for the building industry. Post-recession, a large number of trained workers permanently left the building industry. This now leaves construction companies scrambling to find trained labor, and struggling to train adequate numbers of new workers.

This law in Portland shows that the lack of job training programs can be at least in part remedied by deconstruction programs. The training program has proven so successful, that the city is now considering whether or not to extend the law to homes built prior to 1926, thus expanding the scope of training programs. For an industry struggling to attract young and trained workers, any positive step is one in the right direction.

For now, Portland remains the only large city with these laws in place. However, with the seemingly apparent success of deconstruction programs many more cities and building associations may soon take notice.