Thursday, April 5, 2018

New Product - Ram Board Multi-Cutter

The latest addition to our product line, the Multi-Cutter, is the ideal tool for cutting floor protection to size. Made by RamBoard, the Multi-Cutter is specially designed to speed up floor protection installation. 

Featuring a two-sided blade, Multi-Cutter hooks behind floor protection and slides through it with ease. Multi-Cutter includes four blades which are magnetically stored inside of the handle. Additionally, Multi-Cutter features plastic stoppers that prevent the tool from scratching the floor or surface below.

While initially made for cutting RamBoard, Multi-Cutter can be used on any number of other floor protection and construction materials. Surface Liner Vapor, Clean & Safe, Carpet, Poly Sheeting, Rosin Paper, Roofing Felt, and many more commonplace material can be easily cut to size with the Multi-Cutter.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Surface Protection for Elevators

Protection for the interior panels and the exterior jambs of elevators is one of the most common requests we're asked. Commercial builders have struggled for years keeping their elevator cabs clean and scratch free. Because elevators are a variety of sizes, no standardized surface protection product has been made to protect them. However, with new All-Protect, elevator surface protection has become simpler than before.

All-Protect is an adhesive liner that can be applied to a wide range of finish surfaces. Lately, commercial builders in Portland have been turning towards All-Protect to protect their elevators. Because All-Protect is adhesive, applying it to cover the inside of their cabs is relatively quick and easy.

The 40" x 82' rolls provide 273 sqft of coverage, so one roll is about the perfect size for an elevator cab.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Collection Of Our Latest Surface Protection Products

To best serve our customers, we're constantly looking for and adding new products. This means that our current catalog doesn't feature every product we sell. To remedy this, we now include a newly printed promotional flyer in all orders and product sample requests that covers our new products. Below are a few of our new products, and some information about them.

DoorGuard Plus is our most recent door protection offering. Now capable of protecting doors up to 8' tall and 4' wide, DoorGuard Plus can be used on a wide range of commercial and hospital applications. Doorguard Plus is available in 3'6", 3'8", and 4' widths. It features the same easy attachment bands as standard DoorGuard, and all sizes/widths feature perforations for door hardware.

Edge-Guard is a new temporary barrier system designed for sealing workspaces in crowded or populated environments. This ICRA approved barrier system features everything from locks and doors to negative air machine compatible panels, making it versatile and useful. Also new to Builders Site Protection, rental options are available for Edge Guard, saving builders money on short-term projects.
Edge Guard being used in a hospital
RamBoard Plus is a new variation of RamBoard featuring a pre-taped seam that can be pulled off to secure RamBoard as you're rolling it out. Including tape saves time and effort, ensuring that RamBoard Plus is the fastest way to protect large floors and concrete slabs.

All-Protect is an adhesive fiber based liner that can be applied to nearly every finish. Because it can securely hold to anything, it is ideal for tough-to-protect surfaces such as elevator cabs, bathtubs, fixtures, handrails, and custom stairs. All-Protect is guaranteed to remove cleanly and without leaving any adhesive residue.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Builders Site Protection Now A Provider of Masonite/Hardboard Sheeting

In order to satisfy the floor protection needs at an extensive remodel project for the Ft. Bliss Army Installation in Texas, Builders Site Protection is now a provider of Hardboard (Masonite) sheets. These 1/4" thick panels have for decades been used to protect concrete, wall panels, and any other number of finishes requiring extremely strong protection.

Hardboard is a woodlike panel made from wood fibers. The fibers are steam pressed together and harden to form the familiar Hardboard products we see every day. Used for decades in construction as surface protection, Hardboard is typically laid atop rosin paper to protect high end floor finishes. Strong enough to withstand equipment use and tool damage, Hardboard is among the toughest floor protection products available. Typically provided in 4' x 8' sheets, each sheet of Hardboard can protect the width of a standard walkway. 

Hardboard panels are often specified by architects to protect project floors and concrete slabs. As such, contractors are contractually required to use the specified protection. So to best suit the needs of our commercial customers, we are now a distributor of Hardboard panels. While the standard thickness is 1/4", numerous thicknesses are available, ensuring that the ideal Hardboard can protect your jobsite. 

Due to Hardboard's size and weight, we cannot sell direct over our website. However, receiving a quote is as simple and easy as calling us with the quantity needed and the ZIP code they need to be delivered to. 

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Visit BSP's New Surface Protection Website

We are excited to launch the newest iteration of our website. Hosted on a new server and based on a new platform, promises to be faster and easier to use than ever before. An improved search function, easy to use ecommerce services, and all of the best features from our old site remain.

Over the past few weeks we have been working to improve all aspects of the site. Load times are substantially shorter, new products are featured, and there is an even better system in place for returning customers and creating accounts. These features ensure the quickest and simplest ecommerce experience our website has ever offered.

New products featured on the site are All-Protect vertical surface protection, Micropourous Coveralls, and new quantity options for Heavy Duty ZipWall Zippers and other ZipWall products.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Learn All About New All-Protect In Our Latest Press Release

To mark the launch of our latest product offering, All-Protect, we have published a new press release featuring everything you need to know about All-Protect. Soft, waterproof, adhesive, and usable on almost anything, All-Protect is one of the most versatile surface protection products we've ever worked with. 

Our press releases can always be found on our website under the "press releases" tab. We also feature a large selection of published articles, as well as links to our blog posts here and on our sister site

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

All-Protect - Our Newest Surface Protection Product

All-Protect is our latest surface protection product offering. It is an adhesive backed, fiber based liner that can be applied to nearly any interior (and some exterior) surfaces. Featuring a soft outer surface and an adhesive on the back, All-Protect quickly applies to surfaces and remains in place. These new 40" x 82' rolls are perfect for protecting high end finishes in nearly any application.

All-Protect can be used to protect elevator cabs, stainless steel, glass panels, floors, handrails, countertops and nearly any other high end finish. All-Protect was originally developed in Switzerland for use in aviation and aircraft repair, however it is now being rolled out to protect surfaces in construction applications too. While there are dozens of roll-on products for protecting floors and countertops, very few can be quickly applied to vertical surfaces. Typically, protecting any vertical or non-floor surfaces involves time intensive cutting material and taping seams. However with All-Protect it is a quick and easy process.

Currently, All-Protect is being used by one of our customers to cover laboratory panels in a new Cancer Research Center. This is just the first example of many for which All-Protect will be a solution for protecting unique surfaces.

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