Friday, May 13, 2016

Using ZipWall and Polyethylene Sheeting to Improve A Garden

Now that we've all reached the last of the cold temperatures and all of the snow has melted, it's time to focus on priming your yard for the sunny weather. To do so, we actually carry a few handy construction-focused products that can be used to improve one's garden.

Springtime here in Oregon
First and foremost is our Polyethylene 4 mil plastic sheeting. The sheeting is typically used as a central component of creating dust barriers or to provide a waterproof cover for jobsite materials. However, this can also be easily applied to bent PVC pipe or to an existing wooden structure to form a sealed and effective greenhouse. The greenhouse that I've built using this plastic registers temperatures inside about 12 degrees higher than outside, so this plastic is definitely works well. So far it has stood up to one-and-a-half inch hail and a continual battering by winds, thunderstorms, and even a few days of snow. I built my greenhouse using leftover treated wood from a past project, so the entire greenhouse only cost me the film and some new deck screws (about $35 total). To celebrate spring, we have even put our plastic sheeting on sale, so right now a 10' x 100' roll only costs $29.95.

ZipWall Standard Zippers can be sued to create a quick, cheap, and effective greenhouse door. By placing the two adhesive zippers on either end of the plastic sheeting that you want sealed, a reusable door that can zip open and closed is created.

Polyethylene Plastic in use
If you have any questions about ZipWall or plastic sheeting, please visit our website or email us at

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Springtime Sale!

After doing a little spring cleaning around the warehouse, we've decided to offer a new sale. We are currently offering 10% off of all internet orders over $250 through Friday, May 6th. This applies to every product we carry on our entire website; hundreds in all.

Visit our website to learn more and to view everything that you could be saving money on.

Friday, April 15, 2016

DoorGuard Has Been Awarded A Silver Medal At the 2015 ADEX Design Competition

We're proud to announce that our latest ADEX award recipient is our popular DoorGuard. ADEX is an association for showcasing product design within the construction, architecture, and interior design fields.

Products are awarded for their creativity, aesthetic appearance, functionality, and overall design. Our DoorGuard has been a huge seller for years, so it's always nice to receive positive affirmation about your own hard work!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Check Out One Of Our Newest And Fastest-Selling Products, Safety Boot

A few months ago, we finalized all of the necessary details and were then able to carry the Safety Boot Temporary Guardrail System for resale. And while initial sales were a little slow, they're flying off of our warehouse shelves now. We just received a big order of them, and I doubt they'll be in our hands for long.

Safety Boot Quickly Forms OSHA-Approved Guardrails

Safety Boot is a pack of yellow floor mounts that allow OSHA approved guardrails to be erected in minutes. They can be used on every type of floor, from standard wood subfloors to the concrete flooring used in commercial projects. The Safety Boot is made from high-strength plastic, allowing it to be safety reused time and time again. 

To learn more about Safety Boot or any of our other products, visit out website or email us at

Monday, March 21, 2016

Time Lapse Video of the Newly Completed Denver Airport Project, Featuring Our DoorGuards

In November of 2014, we provided nearly 900 of our DoorGuards to the Denver Airport Project. Now completed, there is a time-lapse video documenting the entirety of the South Terminal Redevelopment project in only 90 seconds.

We can't help but feel satisfied watching this project come together, and we would like to think that our DoorGuard was partially responsible for keeping the project at-cost and on-time.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Edge ProTect Has Been Chosen As One of Design Journal's "Best of 2015" Products

Last year, we released our latest product offering, Edge Protect. Since, we have referenced it on this blog, and on our website numerous times. However, we felt the need to do so once more as Edge ProTect as been selected among Design Journal's "Best of 2015" products. 

Egde ProTect
To further detail this achievement, we have published a press release containing everything you need to know about Edge ProTect and the Design Journal awards. All of our current and past press releases can be found on our website under the press release tab

As always, if you would like to know more about Edge ProTect or any other products email us at or visit our website 

Friday, February 19, 2016

We're Currently Holding A Winter Sale On All Films!

If you need to stock up on vent, floor, countertop, or window protection, now is the time to do so. Until March 1st, every film we sell is 20% off retail.

Keep your windows clean and damage-free!
There isn't a coupon code to enter or anything like that, everything on our website is displayed with the discounted price to make ordering as easy as possible. Visit our website or email us at for more information about our films, and any other product we sell.