Monday, November 23, 2020

Thanksgiving Week Operations Update

On Wednesday the 25th, we will be closing early at 12PM. We will still be able to ship any orders received before noon via UPS - whether by phone or via our website. We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday the 26th), as well as the following day, Friday the 27th. The following Monday we will be open with the same hours and at the same capacity as usual. 

We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving week, and we are very thankful your your continued support in this difficult year. 

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Monday, November 16, 2020

New Product - Wedge It Temporary Doorstops

The latest product that we are excited to be distributing is the Wedge-It temporary doorstop. Small, portable, and reusable, Wedge-It doorstops are the quickest and most versatile way to prop doors open. 

Wedge-It doorstops can function in any of three ways. They can be laid on the ground and act as a traditional doorstop on the floor, they can be placed on top of a hinge and prop the door open that way, or they can be shimmed on top of the door to keep it open at the desired width. This variability allows builders to use the doorstop solution best suited to their project. 

Thermoplastic rubber padding on each unit prevents sliding when the Wedge-It is in use on the floor, and prevents any finish/paint damage when used against the top of the door or against the doorjamb. The recycled plastic makeup of Wedge-It ensures that it will remain usable indefinitely. 

The standard color is a safety yellow, however there are green, pink, and orange available with minimum order quantities of 25. All Wedge-It units are brightly colored to ensure that nobody attempts to close the door with Wedge-It in use. 

Wedge-It is sold individually for $8.99 ea. 

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Trimaco AquaShield Floor Protection Available Now

We're always looking out for new products to add to our lines, and today we have done just that by adding Trimaco's AquaShield floor protection. Waterproof, fire resistant, and reusable, AquaShield is an ideal surface protection for concrete slabs. 

AquaShield comes standard as a certified flame resistant material. Flame-resistant AquaShield is the ideal choice for hospitals, laboratories, and other environments with stringent fire prevention measures. 

AquaShield is available in three thicknesses to suit your project's needs. The 10 mil AquaShield is the lightest and easiest to transport and cut into place, making it great around stairs and other light-use areas where heavy machinery and equipment won't be used. Next, 25 mil AquaShield is the most commonly used one. It can hold up to use by forklifts and most normal equipment on commercial jobsites. If you need heaps of damage protection, then the thick 40 mil will stand up to just about anything. 

In addition to the features listed above, AquaShield is UV-resistant, meaning that it holds up outside. This allows it to be reused, making it economical over time. Furthermore, it features an embedded diamond plate pattern, making it slip resistant when used to cover flooring, and being walked on. 

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

N-100 Respirators Now In Stock

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic 8 months ago, supplies of PPE have been stretched beyond their limits. This is particularly true of respirators, leaving those in the construction and manufacturing industries without the respirators required to safely continue their work. Fortunately, we've got Moldex 2730 series N-100 Respirators back in stock and ready to ship today.

Moldex N-100s are OSHA-approved and 99.97% effective against particulate matter; commonly being used in the construction, remediation, and manufacturing industries. They feature adjustable cloth straps that also allow the respirator to be hung around the user's neck, ensuring that they aren't accidentally taken off and tossed. They also feature foam nose cushions, making them the most comfortable N-100s available. 

These respirators are designed for long term use, and take advantage of proprietary materials to ensure so. The Dure-mesh lining prevents the mask from folding under high heat and humidity. The Ventex valve efficiently expels hot air, allowing users to wear the respirator for longer periods. Comfortable, long term use ensures lower costs by way of fewer respirators needed for jobs. 

Available in packs of 5, these 2730 series Moldex N-100 respirator packs are $74.50 each. Inventory and product stock is constantly in flux, so if you anticipate needing N-100s on your jobsite now is the time to stock up on them for future use. 

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Fall Film Sale - 30% Off All Films

We're excited to announce that we are currently having our annual Fall Film Sale. All films we carry are 30% through the end of October. This is the only film sale we hold, so if you need to stock up on surface protection now is the best time to do so.

48" x 500' Carpet Film

A full catalog of films are in stock an available. Windows, countertops, floor, and carpets can all be protected by using films. Films are easy to apply and most importantly, they stay in place even when exposed to people, equipment, and outdoor elements. A wide variety of sizes are available to suit a jobsite of any size. 

There's no offer code needed to take advantage of the sale- all prices on the website reflect this discount. 

To stay up to date on sale and product offers like this, join our mailing list by visiting the "contact us" page of our website here.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Read Our Latest Article And Learn How Air Scrubbers Combat Wildfire Smoke

With wildfire season continuing with fervor throughout Western states, right now is a great time to learn about how Air Scrubbers can filter smoky air. To that end, we have penned our latest published article

In this new piece, we cover what an Air Scrubber is, and how exactly it mitigates the unhealthy and irritating effects of living in smoke laden air. Negative health effects of breathing smoke are well documented, so using Air Scrubbers can be very beneficial during fire season. 

Air Scrubbers are available for sale through Builders Site Protection, and also for rent through subsidiary Northwest Abatement Rental

Our full catalog of published articles can be found on our main website, under the "published articles" tab - linked here. There you will find dozens of surface protection related articles, covering everything from home remodels to massive commercial focused projects. 

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Predator 750 Air Scrubbers Are Finally Back In Stock!

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in March, supplies of Air Scrubbers have been stretched beyond capacity. Production facilities weren't producing them, and demand for them was unprecedented. It's been extremely difficult to stock Air Scrubbers/Negative Air Machines, and many order have gone unfulfilled for months. Furthermore, the vicious wildfire season this year has pushed demand even further beyond capacity. 

However, we're excited to be receiving new Air Scrubber units this week! As of Friday the 25th, we will have restocked with new Predator 750 Air Scrubbers from Abatement Technologies. 

These units have wide ranging applications. Everything from maintaining negative air pressure in anterooms to filtering wildfire smoke out of air can be accomplished with these units. They are compatible with Mobile Containment Units and Edge Guard temporary barrier systems. 

Three stage HEPA filtration provides protection against anything from asbestos fibers to wildfire smoke. The Predator 750 can also be adjusted to operate for any strength between 350 and 750 cubic feet per minute. Power is supplied through standard 120V outlets, and up to 5 machines can be strung together through the outlets mounted on front. 

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