Friday, January 24, 2020

Builders Site Protection will be in San Diego next week

Builders Site Protection's President, Pat Mullen, will be in the San Diego area next week to meet with existing customers and to find new ones. She will be working on Thursday the 30th throughout the greater San Diego area.

This is a great opportunity to learn about surface protection products, and how just about any finish on a jobsite can be protected. If your jobsite already has damaged finishes, or if you're interested in product samples and how to protect finishes on your site, take advantage of this opportunity. Pat will have an entire suite of product samples, catalog, sales information, and anything else that you may need on your jobsite. If you have ever had any questions about surface protection now is the opportunity to have them answered.

It's not uncommon that builders introduce us to their problems that require surface protection during our site visits. Products such as Utility Box CoversCurtain Wall Protection, and Protecta-Foam were all developed in this way. A wide number of out products can be used in different or creative ways to protect custom or otherwise new finishes, so please tell us if there are unmet surface protection needs on your jobsite.

If you would like Pat to stop by your jobsite, email us at so we can arrange a site meeting. To learn more about surface protection products visit our website or call us toll-free at 541-633-7793.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Use Toilet Sheath To Impress Customers and Keep Your Bathroom Fixtures Clean!

Our most popular surface protection product for commercial and production residential builders has been the Toilet Sheath. Since its inception in 2007, Toilet Sheath has been the quickest and easiest manner in which to keep toilets clean, damage-free, and most importantly of all - unused.

Toilet Sheath is a printed drawstring bag that securely fastens around the base of a toilet using drawstrings embedded in the plastic. Installation of Toilet Sheath takes only seconds. Keeping toilets covered with plastic protection saves a ton of time by keeping them clean, thus at a projects end removing Toilet Sheath saves tons of time on cleanup.

Featuring color printing stating "for homeowner use only" Toilet Sheath has been extremely well received by custom home builders, who have time and time again relayed to us that their customers are impressed with that attention to cleanliness and detail.

Toilet Sheath is available in packs of 12, boxes of 50, and cases with 150 total. Use Toilet Sheath in conjunction with products such as TubCoat and Floor & Countertop Film for a complete bathroom surface protection system.

To learn more about any other surface protection products, or for products samples and catalog information, email us at or visit our site

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

New Press Release - Learn About DoorGuard Plus

We have published our latest press release detailing our updated DoorGuard Plus temporary door protection. We have updated and improved the product, now allowing us to ship it via UPS Ground and other standard ground shipping methods.

DoorGuard Plus retains all of the popular features present on standard DoorGuard, but expanded for use on wider commercial doors. DoorGuard Plus features hardware cutouts allowing it to be used on doors that are already hung, and attaches to doors with the same elastic band system as standard DoorGuard.

To read any of our previously published press releases, visit the press releases tab of our site linked here. For more information about DoorGuard or any other surface protection products, email us at or visit

Friday, December 13, 2019

Keep Your Home's Finishes Protected This Holiday Season

With the holiday season comes holiday parties and whole lot of clean-up. With this in mind, we have written and published a new article detailing how surface protection products can be used to minimize clean up and to minimize any damage caused from high traffic areas.
Floors, stairways, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen finishes can all be damaged by the heavy-use they experience during the holiday season. This commonly leads to hours of clean-up time and potentially some cost in fixing and replacing fixtures. Fortunately taking a few small surface protection steps can prevent this costly holiday headache. Rolling out carpet film on floors and stairs, using shoe covers for holiday home tours, and covering toilet fixtures are just a few of the easy steps detailed in this new article.

To read our entire catalog of published articles, visit the "Published Articles" page of our website linked here.  Learn more about surface protection products by emailing us at or visiting our website

Friday, December 6, 2019

New and Improved DoorGuard Plus In Stock and Easier Than Ever to Ship

Our new DoorGuard Plus features a new two-fold perforation system that now allows us to ship DoorGuard plus in smaller quantities and via UPS Ground shipping. This will allow customers to order DoorGuard Plus in bundles of up to four, and as few as two.

DoorGuard Plus is a larger version of our popular product DoorGuard. Designed for hospitals, commercial projects, and other projects featuring wide doors, DoorGuard Plus can protect doors up to 48" wide. Featuring perforations for door hardware and attachment bands, DoorGuard Plus is the only XL sized door protection on the market. DoorGuard Plus can be ordered in widths from 3'4" wide to 4' wide. DoorGuard Plus can be ordered in heights of 8' and 7'.

Previously DoorGuard Plus was only available for will-call pickup, direct palletized shipping from the manufacturing facility, or palletized shipment from our warehouse. These methods meant DoorGuard Plus wasn't feasible to order in small quantities. However with the new and improved DoorGuard Plus we can ship small quantities ordered via our website.

Note that the minimum order quantity for the new and easy to ship DoorGuard Plus is two; this ensures that the bundle of DoorGuard can be shipped without being bent and mangled in transit.

To learn more about DoorGuard Plus, door protection, or any other surface protection products email us at or visit

Friday, November 22, 2019

Trimaco Floor Protection Now Available Online

Our website now features a few new products. We've been adding Trimaco's popular products to our line, and have now expanded our floor protection offerings with X-Board, FloorShell, and SuperTuff Mats.

FloorShell and X-Board are comparable products to RamBoard and RamBoard's Painter's Board fiber based floor protection rolls. X-Board is a 35" x 100' roll of floor protection designed to be lighter weight than RamBoard and FloorShell, but stronger than builders paper. It is a breathable surface protection product, and it is very easy to cut to size and to bend around surfaces. FloorShell is a thicker and stronger paper based floor protection. It's 45 mils thick and is offered in 38" x 100' rolls.

SuperTuff Protective Mats are heavy duty slip resistant mats designed to repel spills and other common jobsite contaminants. SuperTuff Mats are a fabric based absorbent material that are also slip resistant, making them safe to walk on and ensuring builders don't have to rely on taping them down. Each mat is 3' x 6' long, 18 square feet in total.

All of these products are now in stock and ready to ship same day from our warehouse in Oregon. Trimaco also manages a number of warehouses around the country, so it's possible that some products can be shipped from locations close to your jobsite.

To learn more about SuperTuff, FloorShell, and X-Board, as well as any other type of surface protection, email us at or visit our website

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Trimaco SuperTuff Protective Mat Now In Stock

Here at Builders Site Protectrion, we're always looking out for new products to carry. In that vain we have now added Trimaco's SuperTuff protective mats to our catalog. These 3' x 6' mats are slip-resistant, absorbent, and leak-proof versatile surface protection mats.

So far we've provided SuperTuff Mats to a custom homebuilder in Pale Alto looking to prevent oil stains on a high-end custom driveway. SuperTuff mats are both absorbent and leak-proof, so preventing motor oil from staining concrete has been an ideal solution for them. Furthermore, SuperTuff Mats can be easily cleaned, extending their useful surface protection life. Each mat is sold individually, and retails at $23.88.
We carry the entire catalog of Trimaco's products, so if you are interested in any price quotes, samples, or further information on any products just let us know. We currently stock a number of Trimaco's products in our warehouse, and Trimaco can ship from a nationwide collection of their own warehouses to keep deliveries as quick as possible. Furthermore, we offer free freight on any order of Trimaco products over $1200.

To learn more about SuperTuff protective mats or any of Trimaco's products, or other general Surface Protection queries, email us at or visit