Thursday, July 21, 2016

Temporary Floor Protection --- A Product Guide

We have published a new piece detailing the different types of residential and commercially availible flooring protection. From RamBoard to EZ Cover, our new article walks you through every floor protection option.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Builders Site Protection's Shoe Covers Featured In Bend's Annual "Tour of Homes" Event

Every summer here in Bend, builders and homeowners come together to show off their newly constructed custom homes. Prospective home buyers, builders, and anyone else is free to tour selected homes in an open house setting. This event, called Tour of Homes, grows every year and is especially large this summer due to the local building boom. Over 60 homes have been entered in the event, representing dozens of different homebuilders, home styles, and settings.

A Johannesen Builders home that will be using our Shoe Covers and Surface Liner Vapor floor protection during Tour of Homes
We have provided numerous local builders with all types of our Shoe Covers and both sizes of Surface Liner Vapor to keep their gorgeous new custom homes damage-free during Tour of Homes. We're glad to be contributing to the local building scene's big day, and we're sure that the homeowners are happy that their floors will stay clean and safe.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

We Now Offer Free Samples Of TubCoat, Our Temporary Tub Protection Solution.

Since we began distributing TubCoat a few years ago, its popularity and usage has steadily grown. Back then, there were very few options available designed to protect tubs. However, TubCoat is a perfect tub protection product.

TubCoat being removed in one solid layer
Applied either by roller or by aerosol spray, TubCoat adheres to a tub much like paint does. Once dry, TubCoat forms a hard layer that can withstand impact damages and scratches from sharp objects such as screws, nails, drywall etc... It has been thoroughly tested and created specifically to resist damage from nails and screws being stepped on and driven into a tub by a workboot.

To better show potential customers how TubCoat works, we now offer free samples of the dried and finished product applied to a sheet of carbonate plastic. To request your sample, just email us at or visit our website to request a catalog and sample at

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Building Efficiently; Seattle & Portland

Recently Vox Media published a study using a new measure of household density to determine which cities are building in the most efficient manner. Normal studies use an old and simple measure of density, while this study uses a targeted measure that more accurately weights parts of a city where a higher proportion of people actually reside. This new measure therefore can see past industrial and commercial areas and focuses on where people actually live. What now becomes apparent is that as people are leaving the urban areas of some cities (Detroit, Cincinnati etc...), other locales are becoming more dense without housing costs increasing dramatically.

Portland and Seattle lie near the top of this graph, and far above the regression line (click to enlarge)
Looking at the graph, it stands to reason that places like Charlotte are adding the most density. Because Charlotte was such a sprawled out metro area before their building boom, current building can increase its measured density quickly because the weighted housing density was so low to begin with. New Orleans (bottom left of graph) is both losing population and is becoming less dense; which can be interpreted as people are leaving the city, and most new construction starts are in suburban areas.

Whereas cities such as San Francisco and New York have historically struggled balancing population growth with affordable housing, Seattle and Portland have maintained relaxed expansionary policies aiding the ability of people to build in those cities. These measures have contributed to falling rents in some parts of Seattle; a prospect that seems ludicrous in places like the greater Bay Area. For growing cities, generating positive infill (as opposed to exclusively generating sprawl... Looking at you, Phoenix) and keeping housing costs down is an ideal win-win situation, and is something other cities should emulate.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We're Providing Our Best Selling UV Threshold Protection to the Blake Hotel in Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley, located in New Mexico's Sangre de Cristo mountains, has recently changed ownership. The new owners have committed to a massive commercial redevlopment of the valley, including its landmark slopeside Blake Hotel. Hotel space, restauruants, and retail outlets will all be either modernized and rebuilt or constructed from scratch. The newly updated faux-Austrian styled village will become the centerpiece of the redeveloped ski resort community.

As part of the remodel, Jaynes Corp, the GC of the project, has purchased 120 rolls of our UV Threshold Tape. While our threshold tape is among our most popular products, and order for 120 rolls is unprecedented. Jaynes Corp is a repeat customer for our threshold protection, so we're proud that they feel UV Threshold Tape merits repeat orders.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

We're Proud to be Providing DoorGuard Temporary Surface Protection to the New WOU Education Center

We have recently received an order for hundreds of our DoorGuards to protect Western Oregon University's new Richard Woodcock Education Center that's currently under construction. This Andersen Construction project is currently in the finish stages, and will be completed before fall term begins later this year.

We have provided surface protection to past Andersen Construction projects at state universities, so we are very happy that they are continuing to use our products in their current projects. I have also written a press release detailing our involvement in this project, which as always, can be found on our website's press release page.

Rendering of WOU's New Woodcock Eduction Center
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Friday, May 13, 2016

Using ZipWall and Polyethylene Sheeting to Improve A Garden

Now that we've all reached the last of the cold temperatures and all of the snow has melted, it's time to focus on priming your yard for the sunny weather. To do so, we actually carry a few handy construction-focused products that can be used to improve one's garden.

Springtime here in Oregon
First and foremost is our Polyethylene 4 mil plastic sheeting. The sheeting is typically used as a central component of creating dust barriers or to provide a waterproof cover for jobsite materials. However, this can also be easily applied to bent PVC pipe or to an existing wooden structure to form a sealed and effective greenhouse. The greenhouse that I've built using this plastic registers temperatures inside about 12 degrees higher than outside, so this plastic is definitely works well. So far it has stood up to one-and-a-half inch hail and a continual battering by winds, thunderstorms, and even a few days of snow. I built my greenhouse using leftover treated wood from a past project, so the entire greenhouse only cost me the film and some new deck screws (about $35 total). To celebrate spring, we have even put our plastic sheeting on sale, so right now a 10' x 100' roll only costs $29.95.

ZipWall Standard Zippers can be sued to create a quick, cheap, and effective greenhouse door. By placing the two adhesive zippers on either end of the plastic sheeting that you want sealed, a reusable door that can zip open and closed is created.

Polyethylene Plastic in use
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