Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Protecta-Foam Cabinet Protection Now Offered In New Sizes

We're happy to announce that larger rolls of our popular Protecta-Foam cabinet protection are now available. In addition to the standard 30" x 100' and the small 4" x 425' rolls, we now offer these new sizes:

18" x 425'
30" x 425' 
48" x 425' 

Our new 30" x 425' roll
Larger rolls are better suited for large-scale projects, and larger custom finishes. Now, rather than using multiple sheets to cover a kitchen island or specialized cabinetry, larger and longer rolls can accomplish more surface protection. Further, larger rolls also allow for quantity discounts, as the cost per square foot of larger rolls is less than that of the standard 30" x 100' roll. If there are a number of finishes to be protected, scaling up to a large roll of Protecta-Foam is the cost effective way to do so.

Cabinet makers and commercial builders have for years been interested in more product size options for Protecta-Foam, so we are excited to meet those requests. To learn more about Protecta-Foam, or any other surface protection product/need, email us at or visit our website

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Customize Toilet Sheaths With Our Specialty Printing Options

We're continually striving to offer our customers the widest selection in unique and effective surface protection products. We've brought to market and patented such concepts as DoorGuard, Protecta-Foam, and we pioneered the now-popular threshold tape.

Adding to the unique line of products we carry, customized Toilet Sheaths allow homebuilders to showcase their commitment to quality while featuring their own logos and design language. Toilet Sheath has always been extremely well received by homeowners, and adding custom printing to toilet sheath even furthers the association between a brand and quality. As seen in the photo above, custom printing allows us to add a company logo, and feature company colors on the entire sheath.

Toilet Sheath custom printing is ideal for large-scale homebuilders with many toilets to protect. We can provide quotations on orders as small as 1,000 total Toilet Sheaths. Please contact us for further information and product mockups.

To learn more about Toilet Sheath, or any other finish protection products, visit our website or email us at

Friday, September 29, 2017

Learn About Elevator & Window Protection In Our Newest Press Release

In our new press release we detail our involvement with Andersen Construction's new Touchmark project; specifically the finish protection used within it.

Touchmark Project
Special considerations needed to be made in order to protect several custom elevators on-site. To do so, hard surface films and edge protection were used. Read about this press release, and all of our others, on our designated press release page from our website. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Do It all With Our Red Polyethylene Tape

The most popular option to tape seams on RamBoard isn't either type of RamBoard Tape, it's Red Polyethylene Tape. Most of our commercial GC customers prefer the red tape because of the stronger hold and a more cost-effective price.
Also marketed as stucco tape, red tape, and poly tape, Red Polyethelyne Tape can be used on any application so long as the tape isn't directly adhered to a finish surface. Indoors, outdoors, on stucco or on floor protection, poly tape is a capable do-it-all tool. Available in packs of 6 rolls or discounted cases of 24 rolls, the 2" x 180' is an affordable and versatile alternative to standard seam and duct

If you have any more questions about Red Poly Tape, or any other finish protection products, email us at or visit our website

Friday, September 15, 2017

DoorGuard Plus Now Available In More Sizes

Last year we unveiled our latest bespoke product for door protection, DoorGuard Plus. At that time, it was available for sale in a few sizes, ranging from 4' x 8' down to 3'6" x 7'. Now, we have added to our website a number of new sizes for this product. The list of available sizes and the corresponding links to our website arre as follows:

4' x 8'

4' x 7' 
3'8" x 8'
3'8" x 7'
3'6" x 8'
3'6" x 7'
3'4" x 8' 
3'4" x 7' 

DoorGuard Plus in-use in St. Charles Medical Ctr
Originally designed for use in hospitals, Doorguard Plus is now a common product that commercial and residential builders alike use in non-hospital settings. We have had a number of custom homebuilders rely on DoorGuard Plus to protect large and custom doors on homes, as well as other non-standard sized doors on commercial projects. Constructed from the same b/c flute board as our original DoorGuard, DoorGuard Plus withstands damage and can be reused. DoorGuard Plus is offered with larger attachment bands than standard DoorGuard, to better accomodate wider doors.

To learn more about DoorGuard Plus, or any other Surface Protection product, email us at or visit our website

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Get Your Water, Smoke, and Lead Remediation Supplies Through BSP

Recently we've taken on a new project sourcing materials and supplies for a local building with massive fire damage. Our customer came to us because he knew we could source just about anything for any type of job - and we did just that. Two portable air scrubbers with HEPA filters, dozens of gallons of smoke counteractant and degreaser later, along with hundreds of soot-ready chem sponges, that project is about done.

The point is, we stock a variety of remediation products, but we can also access even more types of specialized materials. Over the recent record-setting winter snowfalls, our customers were inundated with jobs to fix water damage due to failing roofs. We provided fungicidal coatings, mold killers, and sealants for eater damaged homes and businesses. And now that it's a record-setting summer for fires, we're filling the same role for smoke and fire damage.

If you're in need of specialized materials to combat water damage, lead contamination, mold growth, smoke damage, or anything else, contact us at or visit our website 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Builders Site Protection Will Be In Seattle Next Week

As part of a quarterly sales schedule throughout the Northwest, Builders Site Protection will have a product sales rep in Seattle next Tuesday and Wednesday, the 28th and 29th.

We're always excited to be in Seattle due to the tremendous volume of construction projects in the area. We have a number of customers in the greater Seattle/Bellevue/Tacoma area, and it's always appreciated to meet with and to listen to our existing customers.

If you are in the Seattle area and have any surface protection needs, please tell us about it! We're always happy to provide samples and expertise in regards to finish surface protection. Reach us through email at