Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Builders Site Protection Now Offering ProVent Code Boxes

The Code Box includes space for permits and other information

We are pleased to announce that we now provide the ProVent Code Box. This lockable box securely displays building permits. It is weatherproof, reusable, and most importantly is it compliant with state and local regulations about displaying building permits.

Installation of the Code Box is simple and quick. All that is needed is a t-post, a hammer, a lock, and a 7/16" nut driver. The numbers seen in the above picture are included. The Code box easily slides on to the t-post, and nuts are used to secure the box to the post. Place the permit inside and attach your lock on the durable box.

Keep your jobsite clean, organized, and compliant with regulations with the Code Box. For further information on pricing and product details, check out our website, email us at, or call us at (541) 633-7793.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer May Be Winding Down, But Sales Aren't!

Kids are heading back to school and summer is quickly drawing to a close, but Builders Site Protection is still busy putting products on sale.

Check out our 4" x 425' rolls of  Protecta foam. This size foam is perfect for keeping baseboards and toe-kicks scratch free. It applies just as easily as our common 18" and 30" rolls, and it is rated for 30 day use. Right now we're selling each roll of 4" wide Protecta Foam for $46, a discount of over 20% off our original price. Call us at 541-633-7793 or check out our website to learn more about this product.

We've also got a great sale on 12-roll cases of our hugely popular UV Threshold Tape. For years this tape has been among our best selling products, and we've yet to hear any bad things about it. Builders love how easily this tape is applied, and even after months of exposure to sun, cold, and heat, this tape peels off without any flaking or leaving any residue. We're selling each case of UV Threshold Tape for 10% off, bringing the cost per case down to $231.80. 

We have many products on sale at our website. Be sure to check out the clearance page of our website to stay up to date on the products we've got on clearance sale. You'll find there great deals on Tyvek-Pro boot covers, two three and four-gang wire covers, and our patented T-1 Threshold protection. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beat Summer Heat With Our UV Threshold Tape

All summer long, we've been working hard to keep up with the demand for our UV Threshold Tape

The 4"x180' roll can resist any damage from direct sunlight, so that no flaking occurs and so that no adhesive residue is left on your thresholds after removal. This tough white tape is scratch resistant, and due to its gloss-like texture it can be used on swinging thresholds, sliding doors, and pocketing multislide thresholds while the door is in use. The rugged 9 mil thickness of this tape can't be beat!

Come check out the tape that our customers have been giving awesome reviews. If you want to learn more about UV threshold Tape, check out our website or call us at 541-633-7793.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Builders Site Protection chosen to provide surface protection to San Antonio Community Hospital project

Builders Site Protection will be providing corrugated plastic sheeting for HBE Corporation's new project in Upland, California. HBE is using our corrugated sheeting to protect the floors and the walls of this new hospital addition. If you would like to read more about our involvement with this project, check out our new press release.

Our corrugated sheeting comes in a standard 4'x8' size, and can be cut into any shape necessary, and we also offer a fire resistant variety. It has been used to protect everything from custom window mullions to hardwood floors. To learn more about corrugate sheeting, please visit our website.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Economic Growth and Construction Update

According to a recently published economic report from Freddie Mac, the market for new homes is set to continue its steady, albeit modest, positive growth.
This forecast follows on the heels of the news that housing starts for the second quarter of 2014 reached 980,000 new units being constructed. This new value presents an increase of over 67% from the gloom levels of mid-recession 2009.

So the housing market is certainly improving. Further good news is that Freddie Mac's Chief Economist Frank Nothaft believes the increase in new homes being built will be responsible for "accelerating the improvement in labor markets and fuel even more household formations and more housing demand". The increase in new homes being built will likely generate the jobs and the income necessary to fuel the construction of even more new homes. The outcome of this forecast effect is seen through the prediction that 1.3 million new homes will be built in 2015. 
Fingers crossed!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Check out our newly published Ezine article!

We recently published an Ezine article titled,  "Trust Your Builder, Your Best Interest Is Their Goal". It details the numerous reasons why builders use established suppliers, as well as why builders opt to use their own tried and tested subcontractors.

You can find that article, and other articles we've published here.

Give it a look and tell us what you think in the comments!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Green Building Projects Set to Continue Rapid Growth, Forecast Reports.

In a release from McGraw-Hill Construction, Green building projects are predicted to exceed 200 billion dollars in value by 2016. This report predicts that green will represent nearly 55% of all commercial and institutional projects come that time. Green building is certainly in demand, and is set to increase through the future.

Builders Site Protection offers an array of Green products that cater to consumers' and homeowners' desire to engage in environmentally conscious building. Protect doors with the Door Guard, made from recycled materials. Protect clients' floors with leak resistant Clean and Safe, skid resistant Surface Pro, or the tough and rigid Ram Board; all made from recycled materials as well.