Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Watch Our Latest Video - How to Apply Carpet Film to Stairs

We have just uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel; How To Apply Carpet Film to Stairs. In this video Pat Mullen, owner of Builders Site Protection, shows you how to quickly and easily apply carpet film. She also covers a few quick facts and pieces of advice to get the most out of using carpet film surface protection.

Watch the embedded video above or check out our Builders Site Protection YouTube channel and find it there. On that channel we feature a host of videos covering everything from carpet film to EPA Lead Abatement information.

As always, for additional information about carpet film, or any other surface protection, visit our website www.buildsitepro.com

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Breathable Floor Protection Popular Here In Bend

We're providing Surface Liner Vapor breathable floor protection to Walsh Construction's new apartment project here in Bend, Oregon. The apartment complex, called The Range, lies in an upscale neighborhood, and as such Walsh Construction is very keen to protect the high end hardwood floors currently being installed.

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We're always excited to work with builders on local projects, and it's always satisfying to drive by completed projects that we had a part in building. The Range is only one of a number of local projects that are relying on Surface Liner Vapor floor protection to keep their floors covered.

To learn more about Surface Liner Vapor breathable floor protection, or any other finish protection, visit our website www.buildsitepro.com

Friday, March 17, 2017

We Have All-New Floor Protection In Stock Now!

We have given numerous updated about Ram Board Plus floor protection, and now we're all stocked with pallets of it ready to ship same-day. However, we're also now carrying another new floor protection in our Bend warehouse...

Orange Coverguard being used by one of our customers on a Texas hospital project
We've just received our first shipment of Orange CoverGuard. Measuring 36" wide by 180' long, new Orange CoverGuard is a non-flame resistant alternative to standard CoverGuard. The benefit of losing its flame retardant properties is that it is offered at a lower cost than standard CoverGuard.

CoverGuard is made from a diamond-plated plastic that stands up to machine traffic, foot traffic, impact damage, and is generally an extremely tough material to damage. CoverGuard is slip-resistant due to it's diamond texture, and it is easily to unroll and lay flat on floors. It is a fantastic surface protection solution for commercial projects, and it can be cut down to become more versatile as well. For example, a regular customer placed an order for three rolls that he will be modifying to protect stairs at a high end car dealership remodel project.

Due to this reduced price, we list it as CoverGuard Economy on our website. Visit our website www.buildsitepro.com to learn more about floor protection, and any other finish protection products.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Springtime Means Sales Trips For Builders Site Protection

Spring is about here and that means we're back on the road for outside sales work. Having just returned from a sales trip to Phoenix, Pat, our owner, is off to her usual stops in Portland and Seattle to meet with commercial and residential builders and to showcase some of our latest product offerings.

Seattle's urban building boom is in full swing
Later this Spring we're also planning on making a stop in the Bay-area to catch up with repeat customers and to search for new ones (and to hopefully close the deal to protect doors in Apple's new Silicon Valley HQ!). Later in the summer, the annual sales trip to San Diego is in order as well. Other cities we're looking to visit are Denver, Las Vegas, and another trip to Boise.

The West Coast is where the greatest number of our regular customers lie, so that's generally where we focus our business travels. However, if you have any recommendations or would be interested in scheduling a meeting, let us know by contacting us at sales@buildsitepro.com or through the "contact us" feature on our website www.buildsitepro.com

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Read Our Newest Press Release Detailing Ram Board Plus

We're in the midst of our product launch for Ram Board Plus, and as such we've published a new press release detailing everything about our newest product. We're excited for our first orders of this product to be shipping soon, and we look forward to receiving feedback on this new product.

To read this press release, as well as all of our others, visit the press release page on our website.

For further information regarding Ram Board Plus, or any other finish protection products, visit www.buildsitepro.com or email us at sales@buildsitepro.com

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Introducing All-New Ram Board Plus

We're excited to introduce a new product to our line, Ram Board Plus. Ram Board Plus features an adhesive strip that allows extremely quick and easy installation for indoor and outdoor settings. Installation time can be cut by as much as 40%, all while providing the tough and cost-effective protection RamBoard has always been known for.

The added tape is extremely helpful for applying Ram Board to countertops, walls, and other non-floor surfaces. So far, the limited feedback we have received is very positive, due to its ease of application. A local Central Oregon builder told us the built-in adhesive will make install far easier on his project's countertops.

Ram Board Plus is offered in the same size as standard Ram Board, 38" x 100 ft, and is sold for $68.99/roll. Visit our website www.buildsitepro.com or email us at sales@buildsitepro.com to receive product samples or to learn more about floor protection.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Doors, Jambs, and Thresholds - Keep These Damage-Prone Finishes Spotless With A Surface Protection System

Whether it be home improvement, remodel, or ground-up construction, come the finish stages of the project, doors, jambs, and thresholds all experience lots of use. Workers and materials are constantly passing through doorways, leaving expensive and difficult to repair finishes exposed to damage. Even supplies as small as extension cords can scuff and damage hardwood door jambs. Boots, carts, and tools are passing over thresholds, which take heaps of use before any project is completed. Though doors are hung very late in the building process, fixing any damage to them is a tremendously costly and difficult process.

DoorGuard, Ram Jamb, and UV Threshold Tape. Three affordable items are all it takes to prevent any frustrating damage to interior and exterior entryways.

After framing and flooring work, thresholds are one of the first finish pieces installed. As such, they're at risk of extensive damage, because they experience so much use, even when a door hasn't been installed. Thresholds can quickly be covered to keep them damage-free. UV Threshold Tape is the industry standard for threshold protection. Thick, strong, and UV-resistant, UV Threshold tape can keep a threshold or trim safe for 180 days. See below for a comprehensive overview of UV Threshold Tape.

With thresholds covered, jambs are the next most likely to be damaged among this group. Fortunately, protecting a jamb is the quickest and easiest of all. Using RamJamb, a reusable cover can be snapped around any sized jamb in seconds. RamJamb holds itself in place by it's own shape (no adhesives), and as such is can be used indefinitely.

Finally, DoorGuard is a BC-flute board cover that provides a temporary barrier against dust and debris damage to hung doors. DoorGuard quickly attaches with tailored elastic bands, and allow the door to remain in use while DoorGuard is installed. Affordable, and attached in less than thirty seconds, DoorGuard is a great way to prevent any door-related headaches during the building process.

With three quick steps, an entire entryway can be comprehensively protected from damage. These three products are among our bestsellers, and local builders have regularly been using them for years. To learn more about any of these surface protection solutions, visit our website www.buildsitepro.com