Monday, May 15, 2017

Homebuilder Confidence Remains High

On the heels of numerous positive predictions for residential homebuilding's 2017 outlook, a new midyear metric was released that shows homebuilding confidence remains high. Prior to January, forecasts for building materials and homebuilding were very optimistic and positive. Growth rates as high as 10% were forecast for 2017 residential homebuilding.

For now, it seems as if the positive outlook is manifesting itself in reality. Homebuilders are confident that the residential market will remain lucrative. The Housing Market Index continued to rise this month, reaching a measure of 70 (anything over 50 is positive, so 70 is a very optimistic level).

So far this year, the apparent barriers to new homebuilding are a lack of trained labor and the potential for interest rate increases. The need for trained construction workers has been well-documented, and many builders feel that struggling to hire workers is hampering their ability to build. Further, projected interest rate increases and rising home loan rates will add a bit of cost to home ownership. Though, these two factors haven't seemed to slow homebuilding much. In all, residential homebuilding looks great this year.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Read Our Latest Press Release - Door & Jamb Protection

Our latest press release details our involvement in an elementary school project in Las Vegas. Martin Harris Construction's project, the Rex Bell Elementary school, features our DoorGuard and Ram Jamb door jamb protection.

Visit the press releases tab on our website to view this press release, as well as all others we have posted. It's our goal to post a press release every month, so expect the press releases tab to be regularly updated and added to.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Toilet Sheath - Cost Effective Finish Protection

For years custom homebuilders, giant commercial developers, and home contractors have relied on our Toilet Sheath toilet covers to keep fixtures on their project clean and most importantly unused.

The Toilet Sheath is a temporary plastic cover that attaches to the base of a fixture with a drawstring. The drawstring attachment allows Toilet Sheath to fit virtually any size, shape, or tight location a fixture my be located in. Homeowners and developers alike appreciate the professionalism conveyed with the Toilet Sheath, as it is a unique way to display how seriously you treat finish protection and jobsite cleanliness.

The point of all of this is that we've taken another huge shipment of this patented product, and we soon intend to put it on sale. We will send out an email blast letting everyone know about the sale prior to it happening. The only current hold-up is that we're finishing moving our website to a newer and faster server, so once everything has been signed off on and confirmed to be in working order we will get this sale underway.

To learn more about Toilet Sheath, or any other finish protection products, please visit our website or email us at

Thursday, April 13, 2017

We're Updating Our Website - Expect Downtime Tomorrow and Through This Weekend

It's time to upgrade to a newer, faster, and more capable server for our website and ecommerce programs. We're looking forward to hosting a faster website that should be more user-friendly. However, this also means that for periods of tomorrow and though this weekend our website may be down at times or may have limited functionality. Come early next week, everything should be running smoothly, and hopefully the only noticable difference is the speed at which our new server operates our website.

If you are having any issues with our website,, please email us at or call us at 541-633-7793 and we will help you in any way you need. We are happy to answer questions and handle product orders over the phone and through email.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

We Have Revamped Our Samples - Test Our Products

Much work has recently gone into revamping our product samples and our selection of product samples. We pride ourselves on offering useful samples of most everything we sell; as we understand it can be difficult to visualize and to try new surface protection.

Sample of our Protecta-Foam
From our very unique products, such as TubCoat bathtub and showerpan protection, to our popular Protecta-Foam and Threshold Tapes, we look forward to potential customers trying our products. So if you have doors, floors, handrails, tubs, thresholds or anything else that you're interested in protecting, let us know. All of our samples include complimentary shipping, so they're absolutely no cost to you.

To request samples, visit our website or give us a call at 541-633-7793. If you have any questions about product samples, surface protection needs, or anything else related, feel free to email us at

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Watch Our Latest Video - How to Apply Carpet Film to Stairs

We have just uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel; How To Apply Carpet Film to Stairs. In this video Pat Mullen, owner of Builders Site Protection, shows you how to quickly and easily apply carpet film. She also covers a few quick facts and pieces of advice to get the most out of using carpet film surface protection.

Watch the embedded video above or check out our Builders Site Protection YouTube channel and find it there. On that channel we feature a host of videos covering everything from carpet film to EPA Lead Abatement information.

As always, for additional information about carpet film, or any other surface protection, visit our website

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Breathable Floor Protection Popular Here In Bend

We're providing Surface Liner Vapor breathable floor protection to Walsh Construction's new apartment project here in Bend, Oregon. The apartment complex, called The Range, lies in an upscale neighborhood, and as such Walsh Construction is very keen to protect the high end hardwood floors currently being installed.

A post shared by Range Apartments (@rangeapartments) on

We're always excited to work with builders on local projects, and it's always satisfying to drive by completed projects that we had a part in building. The Range is only one of a number of local projects that are relying on Surface Liner Vapor floor protection to keep their floors covered.

To learn more about Surface Liner Vapor breathable floor protection, or any other finish protection, visit our website