Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Keep Your Floors Dry and Spotless with Clean & Safe Floor Protection

Clean & Safe temporary floor protection is among our most popular products for interior floor protection. Made from soft recycled fibers and a plastic lined backing, Clean & Safe offers high foot grip and water resistant floor protection. Ideal for painters, interior finish work, and home showings, Clean & Safe is the best reusable floor protection on market.

Unlike most floor protection products, Clean & Safe is water resistant. This ensures that no paint, staining solutions, solvents, oils, or any other construction byproducts ruin new floors. For this reason, Clean & Safe is our most popular hardwood floor protection for remodeling projects. Contractors and DIY homeowners alike rely on Clean & Safe for all of their floor protection needs.

Each reusable 40" x 164' roll covers a total of 547 sqft.Because Clean & Safe is a reusable product, one roll is often adequate for an entire home's worth of work. While hardwood is the most commonly protected floor by Clean & Safe, it can be used on everything from concrete to low-pile carpeting.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Green Surface Protection Products - Our Latest Article

In this article we detail the newest developments in green surface protection products. Featuring products such as DoorGuard, RamBoard, Clean & Safe and others, this article can serve as a quick guide regarding surface protection made from recycled and other green materials.
Clean & Safe Floor Protection - Made from 100% recycled fibers
Keeping products out of a landfill is one of the best methods to minimize environmental impact. In an age of LEED certification and consumer preferences shifting towards green building, focusing on green surface protection is often worth any additional cost. We offer an array of products that are recyclable or made from recycled materials to best suit green building needs. Further, keeping finish surfaces protected and preventing damage mitigates any waste created when an unprotected finish gets damaged and needs to be replaced.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Learn About Countertop Protection In Our New Published Article

We have published our latest EZine article about why countertop protection is worthwhile, and how best to protect countertops.

Covering the high cost of new countertops, as well as the design importance of countertops in new homes and kitchen remodel projects. Featured in this article is our TackGuard protection, Countertop Film, and brief mentions of RamBoard and Protecta-Foam.

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