Thursday, June 24, 2010


Great news for remodeling contractors! The EPA announced on Monday that it will delay enforcement of the RRP lead safe laws until October 1st, 2010. Contractors are now allowed to register for certification programs by September 31st and training must be completed by December 31st.

The EPA stated that this extension is only designed to give firms more time to file the necessary paperwork and allow contractors more time to enroll and complete the required training courses. There will be strict enforcement of the RRP lead safe laws after the extended deadline to protect children and families from the dangers of lead poisoning.

If you are a remodeling contractor looking for all of the supplies you need to meet the RRP lead containment laws, go to our website: and check out our Lead Ready® kits! We have a single-person discounted kit as well as a larger five-person kit. Builders Site Protection also has heavy duty plastic sheeting, Zipwall® dust containment systems, and HEPA-filtered vacuums to ensure proper compliance. Give me a call at (866) 788-6886 if you have questions or concerns – I would be happy to help you figure out what you need for your project!


Monday, June 14, 2010

The Builders Site Protection team works overtime to ship out products

The staff at Builders Site Protection got quite a workout loading two giant containers of temporary surface protection products bound for Hawaii! Pallet after pallet of our Protecta-foam, Window Film, Clean & Safe floor protection, Door Guards, Sill Pros, Jamb Savers, UV tape, and Shoe Covers were packed up and shipped out! After weeks of careful planning and heavy lifting, Builders Site Protection got the order out ahead of schedule. Our customer couldn’t be happier with the high quality protection products and exceptional customer service. Nice job team! 

If you would like to find out more about our products, quantity discounts, or free shipping minimums, check out our website at Feel free to give me a call at (866) 788-6886 or email me at with any questions. Hope to hear from you soon!