Wednesday, June 26, 2019

EZ Cover Can Handle Your Concrete Protection Needs

Breathable, durable, and scratch-proof on concrete, EZ Cover is the most thoroughly capable concrete protection available to builders. Strong enough to withstand heavy equipment and soft enough not to trap debris that can scratch a concrete slab, EZ Cover is an ideal concrete surface protection material. 

EZ Cover floor protection works well with most common types of concrete and floors. Cement, decorative concrete, marble, terrazzo, hardwood, and just about anything else is compatible with EZ Cover. Further, EZ Cover can be used to protect freshly lain materials that need time to cure.

Because EZ Cover is breathable, there is no risk of unsightly curing lines and curing problems for fresh floors. Curing floors need the ability to off-gas their fumes in order to be installed correctly. Floor protection products made from plastics don't have this ability, making their use on fresh flooring materials a big risk.

EZ Cover is available in 48" x 50' rolls, totalling 200 square feet each. Single rolls are currently available for $144.50/each. We offer single rolls, as well as quantity discounts and freight shipping on pallet quantities. Contact us with your ship-to address and an email address for a full EZ Cover quote including price breaks and shipping costs to your jobsite or warehouse.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

New Blue 6" Vinyl Trim Tape Now In Stock

Over the years we have had a number of builders and contractors ask us about adding a Blue Vinyl tape to our product line, and now we finally have.
Our new 6" tape is ideal for use on metal trim, thresholds, curtain wall components, and other custom shaped metal pieces. Each roll measures 6" x 108' feet, and is available in either single rolls, or discounted cases of 8 rolls.

Blue vinyl tape features UV blocking compounds, ensuring that after weeks of use it can still be cleanly removed from metal in one piece. Each roll of the tape is $15.95.

While Blue Vinyl Tape is rated for weeks of use, it is not quite as strong as our UV Threshold Tape, which can withstand 6 continuous months of sun exposure.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

View Our Latest Video About Toilet Sheath Surface Protection

To better raise awareness of our popular product Toilet Sheath, we have created a quick video detailing its benefits and its ease of use. This video is embedded below, and is also available on our YouTube page for viewing

Owner of Builders Site Protection, Pat Mullen, walks viewers through installing Toilet Sheath on their project. Also included in the video is more information about custom printing Toilet Sheath, a very popular option for large scale production and commercial builders.

We have a host of videos related to surface protection and using finish protection products on our YouTube page linked here. Carpet Film, Protecta Foam cabinet protection, Threshold Tape and more can all be found on our channel.

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