Friday, March 9, 2018

Builders Site Protection Now A Provider of Masonite/Hardboard Sheeting

In order to satisfy the floor protection needs at an extensive remodel project for the Ft. Bliss Army Installation in Texas, Builders Site Protection is now a provider of Hardboard (Masonite) sheets. These 1/4" thick panels have for decades been used to protect concrete, wall panels, and any other number of finishes requiring extremely strong protection.

Hardboard is a woodlike panel made from wood fibers. The fibers are steam pressed together and harden to form the familiar Hardboard products we see every day. Used for decades in construction as surface protection, Hardboard is typically laid atop rosin paper to protect high end floor finishes. Strong enough to withstand equipment use and tool damage, Hardboard is among the toughest floor protection products available. Typically provided in 4' x 8' sheets, each sheet of Hardboard can protect the width of a standard walkway. 

Hardboard panels are often specified by architects to protect project floors and concrete slabs. As such, contractors are contractually required to use the specified protection. So to best suit the needs of our commercial customers, we are now a distributor of Hardboard panels. While the standard thickness is 1/4", numerous thicknesses are available, ensuring that the ideal Hardboard can protect your jobsite. 

Due to Hardboard's size and weight, we cannot sell direct over our website. However, receiving a quote is as simple and easy as calling us with the quantity needed and the ZIP code they need to be delivered to. 

To learn more about hardboard sheets, receive product quotes, or if you have any other surface protection product needs, please email us at or visit our website 

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