Thursday, December 13, 2018

Read Our Latest Press Release About Providing Carpet Film and RamBoard

Builders Site Protection has published our latest press release detailing involvement in two Portland-area projects. These two multifamily projects are among LMC Construction's largest to date.
The Arbory multipurpose project in Beaverton, Oregon
Carpet Film and RamBoard are the focus of the latest press release. Hundreds of thousands of square feet of carpeted and hardwood flooring required protection across two massive multi-use projects. To protect interior hallways RamBoard was used as it is both cost-effective and durable against heavy foot and equipment traffic. Once inside units, carpet film was used to keep carpeting clean and spotless.

Our website features a "Press Releases" tab that conveniently groups all of our past press releases into one easy to read list. You can find everything there from new product releases to awarded scholarship information.

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